Caramelized onion polentart


A golden version of the pissaladiere, the onion and anchovy tart from Provence.


I add a second polenta tart crust left from when I baked this tarte polenta.
I’ve painted it with olive oil, baked it.


Garnished with onions cooked till brown in the olive oil from a can of anchovies with a little garlic. Garnished the crust. Added red chili and a few anchovy filets. Re-baked briefly. Decorated with green olives and thyme. You can make it without anchovies if you add a little soy sauce to the onions.


Cut when it’s cooled. I eat it at room temperature, and in this season that means warm.


Fougasses aux olives vertes



This week’s bread. Fougasse (French focaccia). I had to finish this big bag of green olives.


So I’ve made a bread dough, not too firm with half of graham flour, I just mixed a few minutes. Let overnight. Formed flat breads, garnished, painted with olive oil and baked.

NB : graham flour is not simple whole wheat flour, it’s a mix of fine and fluffy white flour + bran that was broken in big chunks. That gives lighter breads than whole wheat.


Red chili pepper, new onion, marjoram….



Garlic, marjoram…


Crazy veg’zza


That looks weird but that’s a really delicious…veg’zza. A crust of carrot, a sauce of black bean, a spicy chizz’, aubergines, olives. The only thing is the texture of the crust could be improved (see below).
It’s plant-based, gluten-free if you choose the right miso.


Prebaked crust : grated carrot + 1 tbs of potato starch + salt + nutmeg. I place it on a sheet of rice paper, and painted with oil. I hope the rice paper would offer some support. After pre-baking it did.


Sauces and topping prep’ :
Kuromame black soy beans. They are cooked (my frozen stock). I mashed them with a fork, flavored with curry spices.
-yellow chiiz’ : miso + sakekasu (sake lees) + turmeric + a little olive oil and enough water to make it a sauce.
-aubergine : steamed 2 minutes in micro-wave


Garnishing : the crust + a layer of beans + onions + aubergines + chiiz’ + beans and olives. And a drizzle of oil.


Baked like a pizza !
Well I served it with a spoon as the rice paper kind of disappeared. Not a good idea.



Mizuna night pizza

A random dinner pizza…
The home-bakery made the dough with rice bran and olive oil added to the flour.

I garnished with what I needed to use in the fridge : carrot slices (under), onion, tomato paste, mizuna greens, black olives, lardon bacon bits and silky tofu. To make it a ‘zza, tomato paste, salt, pepper, paprika powder, chili pepper seeds and olive oil.

After baking : more fresh leaves of mizuna with balsamico + olive oil dressing on top.
It was crispy under, rich in taste and the top texture was pleasantly creamy but much lighter on the stomach that if it had been cheese.
Yummy !

With the rest of dough, I made poppy seed buns :

Arlequin sandwitch (with black magic)

Or haunted Pisa tower sand ? Well, it colorful like a Harlequin in black mask :

arlequin wiki C’est une tuerie… That’s how I made it :

A little slower ?

First slice in 3 a bun of “black rice bread”.

The first and second floors share the same carpet of tomato paste.

1F : olives, dry herbs, corn, green chili. Then lotus roots that will bring a super crunchy feel. Then a few drops of olive oil and a little parmesan cheese.

2F : Bell peppers, stalks of Italian parsley, then pizza cheese.

Then pass the 3 layers in the oven toaster.

Mmmmm…. NO WAIT !
Add fresh parsley and ruccola :

Pile up and serve with more veggies.

Eat the veggies too.