Oroshi udon, Kyoto style noodles


Oroshi udon literally means grated udon. That’s not that the noodles are grated, but because some grated daikon radish (oroshi daikon) garnishes them. It’s very refreshing and many Japanese style fast-food offer this dish : chilled udon noodles, grated daikon and tsuyu sauce.


細うどん hosoi udon, thin udon noodles. They are said to be Kyoto style udon, but they are popular in Osaka too. I think thicker udon is better for Winter dishes and these are more refreshing.


The grated daikon radish, cut negi leek greens a few flakes of togarashi chili.


It’s tsuyu.
I made a fish flake dashi (recipe here), flavored with soy sauce and a little brown sugar. Served chilled.


卵焼きtamago yaki (Japanese omelet rolls) and okra.


Cream water melon. Taste is like the red one.


Braised radicchio, sage rolled fluffy frittata



That’s a long tittle, but I think that explains the concept. Yet, it’s not complete as the frittata is filled with creamy cheezy sauce.
Then as I had a lot, I’ve served also some braised radicchio as a side with Bulldog sauce (Japanese fruity Worcester).


A radicchio. Slice it and braise it in a little olive oil, till it caramelizes :


Braised radicchio.



Sage flavored fluffy frittata :
Blend 1/4 cup water with a dozen of leaves of fresh sage roughly cut. Add an egg and 2 tbs of potato starch, a little salt. Blend again. Cook the foamy mix both sides in a small frying pan. It’s about 1/2 cm thick. You will enjoy a sage fragrance in the air while it cooks.


My fav’ creamy cheezy sauce. I’ve cooked it 2 minutes to take away excess alcohol contained in the sakekasu (sake lees) and added a little sugar.


The crepe is filled with the veggies, the sauce, rolled. Reheated and cut.



Shiso oyster omelet

it is not sophisticated but this seafood omelet is always an excellent quickly made Winter lunch. It is inspired by the Taiwanese street stall oyster omelet that is not made with shiso.

Small oysters, rinsed and patted with potato starch. Slightly fried. Then I added 1/2 of the mix : egg, water, potato starch. Then the shiso leaves and the rest of the mix.

It’s ready. The oysters are just half-cooked, the eggs curded.

Garnished with sweet chili sauce.

Lotus root and shiso tortilla

That’s a Spanish style egg based tortilla, with renkon (lotus roots) replacing the potatoes. That’s deliciously crispy under the teeth. The shiso brings a green touch.

I had slices of boiled renkon (lotus root) that I stir-fried. Then I poured beaten eggs with minced shiso leaves.

I sprinkled a little turmeric on top.

Served with goya-maki as a side and a little kimchi.

Bonus : small bites made with the rest of goya-maki filling and slices of renkon.

Omelette du jour : green, gold, pink

A big big omelet !

That starts with a stir-fry with all the fridge l.o. Garlic, red onion, celery, negi leek, mizuna (stalks), chili pappers, boiled potatoes…

And eggs beaten with cut nira leaves.

Under there is a roasted crust. Over a creamy omelet.