Desserts inclassables – Other sweets (compilation)

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All those that didn’t fit into :

French desserts – Dessert francais (compilation)

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

Most of these sweets (not all) are very healthy and can be eaten every day. Whenever it is possible, I use only natural and whole ingredients, little or no added sugar. Many desserts are vegan. A few are decadent…
Enjoy !


The cruel end of Lady Hana in her strudel kimono
Like butter on sweet potato
Marron syrup cream flower


Made with agar (kanten) seaweed.

coconut flower

mango cocoa heat-fighter

fruity animals

Summer spiced wine pears

“cafe au lait, revisited”

buko pandan (Filipina salad)

organza peach

grape marguerite

mousse de vin

3 textures for Belle-Helene



Oat style, not Buck’ Palace shortbread
The simplest aot cookies
Cake a la banane -Banana bread
Strawberry cookies

Opening of Gourmande ice-cream bar : coconut paradise isle-cream
Riz au lait gourmandise d’automne
Hattaiko cake
Kiki the witch bakes cherry bagels

Panna cotta
Pavlova au chocolat
Omelette norvegienne
Flock insane (flocken sahne torte )

Chocolate and azuki
Choco-azuki, le retour
Azu-choco with blueberry


Lighter pain de Genes (with dry apricot)
Papaya on vanilla
Fruits and petals
Flan de tofu au jus de legumes- veggie juice tofu pudding

Iced strawberry-banana
The simplest mango ice-cream
Kiwi smoothie
kiwi and banana on green

Mousse au chocolat vegetale
Salade d’ aloe vera
compote de pomme sur creme d’amandes
Very matcha

Suriminutsu-ppai , like a tiramisu ready in 3 minutes
matcha and mango
Banana tofu pudding with dragon fruit
Mint and melon

Kaki surprise


Bochan kabocha, Thai style
Passion fruit dessert
Thailand street banana roti, with coconut

Sorbet de mangue petillant
Fleur de tofu, torufa (Chinese dessert)

Tapioca pudding without added sugar

Melting a fuse or two…

This is my contribution to the Daring Baker Challenge of this month…
The game was to do an omelette norvegienne (Baked Alaska)… in a sauna (cos’ I live in one LOL). Well not exactly, but that’s what I did.

This month’s challenge is hosted by Elissa of 17 and Baking

BTW, I am a cheat in this challenge.
Mine is a non-dairy version, as my dairy tolerance/intolerance has to do with the weather and type of dairy. So as I have to eat it after, I changed a little…

You can find the art-works of the other challengers, the proposed recipes and more information here


So you can see the making…

It’s a biscuit de Savoie.
Ice cream is made of a coconut cream anglaise + frozen banana, as I hoped it would get more texture… but my ice-cream maker is just like the air-conditioning my Dad had in his car when we were kids. It worked perfectly, except when it was hot ! Very useful. Well, my ice-cream was too soft (but delicious), even after 1 hour in the flash-freezer.
I ti-punched the biscuit, as you see.
Built the cake. Re-flash-freezing.
Made the meringue (French meringue), put it in a bag… for nothing (I used the spoon to finish). Re-freezed.
Baked. Flambe-ed with rum.

Result :
Miss ! I mean melt.

Why ? It seems the meringue has slipped on the banana ice…and cracked.
About omelette norvegienne, the French fashion.

That was a popular Winter dessert, for parties or restaurant.
The standard version is vanilla ice-cream (made of light iced creme anglaise) + fresh fruits, covered of all sides by a genoise/biscuit punched in a liquor. The covering is French meringue or a special meringue (with yolks). It is baked, then flambe on the table. I think the biscuit all over prevents the meringue from slipping.

A previous try… no so good looking, but good to eat.

It’s coconut cream anglaise ice-cream, with fresh mango in it.

Making of :
The anglaise for the ice-cream was normal… but too thin for my ice-cream maker at 40 deg C. I added some cooked corn-starch later, not great for the texture, but that gave a more solid result than the banana.
The cake, a biscuit de Savoie, punched with Rum syrup and rolled, then sliced.

The mango dices were mixed to the ice-cream and that was sandwiched between 2 slices of cake.
The meringue stayed well.

I wasn’t really daring… and baked only 3 minutes (5 were necessary), so it’s too white. I planned to finish with the banner. But no way to open that f… banner, yeah, I had not used that fire banner for so long.

That doesn’t work with a lighter. LOL.

But it’s OK to flambe it.

Result :

Yeah ! The ice inside was perfect !

Only thing : the meringue was too white.

This try was cooked only with the banner. There was a problem… I missed the flambage. The cake was showered !

Result :
The ice was OK inside, not thawed at all.
But I didn’t like it. The baked version tasted better.