Creamy garden pasta


Pasta can be very healthy… at the condition you don’t use it to replace your greens. Have both together.
This dish is particularly easy to digest. It’s creamy but not in the Alfredo way.


The Spring produce : green peas and new onion are today’s guests.


That’s a one-pot dish : I add the veggies in the pot with the pasta, just not from the start so they don’t overcook.


For the sauce, I mixed home-made soy yogurt, lots of minced parsley, salt, black pepper and secret touch : coriander seed + nutmeg.


The sauce added on the hot plate will tenderly coat the pasta.



One pan duck lunch

Ea-sy. Duck breast with its skin. It’s fat, but healthy fat. With what gets out, I stir-fried the veggies.

Favas (broad beans) and tarragon.

Shiitake mushrooms and red sweet chili. The fat duck enhanced the flavor of all the vegetables. The only seasoning was a little salt.

Grilled around, juicy pink inside.

On the plate. Very simple and extremely tasty.