Oroshi udon, Kyoto style noodles


Oroshi udon literally means grated udon. That’s not that the noodles are grated, but because some grated daikon radish (oroshi daikon) garnishes them. It’s very refreshing and many Japanese style fast-food offer this dish : chilled udon noodles, grated daikon and tsuyu sauce.


細うどん hosoi udon, thin udon noodles. They are said to be Kyoto style udon, but they are popular in Osaka too. I think thicker udon is better for Winter dishes and these are more refreshing.


The grated daikon radish, cut negi leek greens a few flakes of togarashi chili.


It’s tsuyu.
I made a fish flake dashi (recipe here), flavored with soy sauce and a little brown sugar. Served chilled.


卵焼きtamago yaki (Japanese omelet rolls) and okra.


Cream water melon. Taste is like the red one.


When seaweeds leave the sea, and the secret perfumes of Lapsang Souchong

Hijiki is the black seaweed you sometimes see in Japanese meals. This “new vegetable” is also called hijiki as its shape look similarly.

Funny how the fish seems to be jumping out of the soup.
I had the “hijiki” to miso soup rich in shiitake mushrooms, and iriko (dried small fish)… Haccho miso used here is dark and strong in taste.

Grated daikon radish is a fresh topping for a genmai (brown rice) domburi… here with the hot spice mix shichimi togarashi. Other toppings are natto, leeks, strong mustard, egg.

Cal529.5 F12.6g C98.8g P26.3g

This meal was a bit strong in flavor. Who said “stinky” ? With natto, it was slighly. And spicy… so what can I drink ? Yes, a pinard (gross red wine), but my limit is very low, I already had my quota of alcohol for the week. And getting more does not help feeling well in the heat.

I was given Lapsang Souchong, the smoked Chinese tea so popular among rich Europeans in 19th century. They found it “stinked” too. LOL. Well, the 2 first brew have a strong smoked after-taste, a bit like smoke-sausage. It wouldn’t be pleasant with sweets, but it’s great at the end of a meal like that.
Then after, the next brews, the color is lighter, but not the flavors. There are like fireworks of fragrances. Smoke taste no longer covers them. It’s like camphor, pine and flowers in your tea cup.