Springtime bokchoi ring, oyster sauce stir-fry

A classic is always the same, never the same. So today’s Chinese stir-fry is poor in meat, reinforced with peas and beans.

Greener. That makes a very filling dish.

Today’s pick.

Soaked wood ear mushrooms.

Green peas, and cooked beans.

Bok choi, sliced in 4. Steamed on the top of the stir-fry.

Served with Chinese rice salad and pickles(see here).

Stir giz’ with celery

Anything can make a stir-fried. Even chicken gizzards, you just have to slice them no thicker than 2 millimeter so they can cook evenly…

With onion, garlic, ginger, bell peppers, oyster sauce… and then lots of crunchy celery stalks, plus at the end celery leaves.

Colorful !

Pomelo for dessert.

Petit velouté de tomate and the eggmania

Cold day, hot soup. My velouté is very foamy, fresh from the blender.

Many egg posts this week. Some more to come. Because I’m in a bunny mood !

Too cute. (Stolen on pinterest. I don’t know how to link…)

Well, that’s a veggie refill : cauliflower, onion, garlic, tomato, turmeric, mace. And you have a delicious soupe de tomate.

Then bunny special spag’, with spinach, ginger, oyster sauce, konnyaku, tofu and quail eggs. Yes, there were pasta under.

Harusame on steamed hakusai, Spring rain on Autumn cabbage

That’s perfect : it’s raining. What’s the problem with rain ?
The weather matches my menu. I’m glad. We alternate beautiful weather days and grey full rain days. It’s Autumn lottery…

Hakusai (Napa cabbage) is not only dirt cheap in this season, it is also excellent. I’d buy whole ones , but they are so huge that I can’t finish one by myself.

Steaming is perfect.

Then something spicy on top : cooked crystal noodles made of mungo beans. They are called harusame (Spring rain).

I emptied my fridge in the stir-fry based on chicken meat and liver. Kabocha, chick peas…

To enjoy with after-meal tea : mikan oranges, peanuts and goji berries.

Fun guys those fungi : The 3 kung-fu mushrooms

3 black and grey mushrooms for a Chinese lunch. Fresh shiitake. A sort of shimeji mushrooms…

…and soaked black wood ear mushrooms.
Autumn comes with mushroom dishes, but there is no reason as we get them year round. I mean no reason to wait till Autumn… Eating some daily or nearly would be excellent for health.


+ octopus, bell peppers, onion, broad beans… oysters sauce, garlic, ginger, Sichuan pepper, hot chili.

Final dressing on the table : fragrant sesame oil and black vinegar.

On brown rice.

Pousse de bambou au beurre d’escargot… Well, OK. The butter was sesame paste, the parsley was Chinese (cilantro) and the garlic, normal. Reheated the bamboo shoots in the mix. Mmmm…

A little meal, to take with wulong cha.