Pork and oyster okonomiyaki


A filling Osakan lunch : Okonomiyaki.
Today’s garnished with pork and oysters.
For details, there is a special page with all explanation in French and English: okonomiyaki


Main ingredients.


Well cooked. You can see the meat that I put in the bottom of the pan.


Painted with shoyu soy sauce, garnished with aonori seaweeds, negi leeks, fish flakes and pickled ginger.


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Seafood : oysters and watarigani crab

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Oyster omelet

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Shiso oyster omelet

it is not sophisticated but this seafood omelet is always an excellent quickly made Winter lunch. It is inspired by the Taiwanese street stall oyster omelet that is not made with shiso.

Small oysters, rinsed and patted with potato starch. Slightly fried. Then I added 1/2 of the mix : egg, water, potato starch. Then the shiso leaves and the rest of the mix.

It’s ready. The oysters are just half-cooked, the eggs curded.

Garnished with sweet chili sauce.

Energizing, no fuss, saffron brown rice

Healthy brown rice, in a Spanish dress.

That’s made in the rice-cooker, the rice with left-over of chicken, harissa, garlic, one minced oyster, water from oysters, one chili pepper, turmeric and half of the saffron.

Later, when the rice was fully cooked, I added peas, ninniku no me (garlic sprouts), lots of oysters, more saffron, cooked cubes of kabocha pumpkin. Served with a little drizzle of fragrant olive oil.

A convenient one-dish meal. And that tastes joyful and warm. Just what is needed in this white season.

Terre et mer noodles

Land and sea. 2 worlds to garnish Indonesian style mee goreng spicy stir-fried noodles. Chicken and seafood are often a good match.

3 proteins : shimeji mushrooms, chicken and oysters…

The greens are spinach and ninniku no me (garlic stalks).