Tartine de printemps (country bread fresh sands)


Bake a nice bread loaf, and enjoy a a simple but delicious fresh lunch…


Still too hot to be cut ! Pain de campagne au seigle. A French country bread with rye flour.


The fromage frais (fresh cheese) is home-made. The new onions have been salted, let a while and rinsed, so they are still crunchy but have lost all harsh after-taste. The favas (broad beans) make the Spring.


Terrine de canard aux noix et raisins

Terrine du jour.

Like supper at grandma’s…

A batch of mini terrines of duck with walnuts and raisins.

Home-baked bread.

There are always potatoes on the furnace…

And you have to eat your greens.

Well, I’ll start with a little tartine…

Bread in cocotte with pastel duet of bean spreads

Look at my funny tartine ! That’s because I’ve baked fresh bread.

And I needed something to spread on it : Hot azuki mash and crème de fèves.
The purple one is HOT, really and a bit chunky. The green one is pure velvet in the mouth.

I had graham flour dough left after the pizza. I’ve kept it in the fridge overnight and after adding rosemary and olive oil, I baked it in the oven, inside the cast iron cocotte. Details here.

A Southern pain de campagne with crunchy crust.

3 pots toppings :
-blanched favas (broad beans), mixed with olive oil, salt, a little dried garlic, a little water.
-mashed boiled azuki beans, salt, pepper, bits of Korean chili and greens of negi leeks.
-finely sliced zucchini

Funny little meal.

Casser la croûte. On the table, at the farm…

Let’s break the bread crust and the meal starts… Casser la croûte, breaking the crust is eating for the French. That’s the magic : close your eyes. Your are in a French farm in the timeless era of fairy tales. There is a herd of unicorns grazing in the field…

Break the bread and put food on it…

That’s a meal. No, I forgot to take photos of the wine.
At our farm we make everything from scratch… but not the wine.

Un pain de campagne. Merci Kiki, la MAP (home bakery machine). It’s an old style peasant bread with a little rye flour in it.

3 terrines that you’ve seen before :
terrine de canard aux marrons et aux noix (chestnut marron duck )
terinne de volaille aux herbes (herb poultry)
pâté au foie (liver)

Salade de chou rouge (red cabbage).

Flavored with apple, Italian parsley (despite the name, it’s not foreign at all in France, it’s persil plat, the common flat parsley). Of course, a cider vinegar vinaigrette.

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pickled cornichons

pots de pommes de terres et champignons (mushroom, potato)

Dessert chausson

I hope you enjoyed the visit !

Twice the program. Advanced bread witchcraft.

Thankies again Kiki.
Old Kiki is a witch. She is my home-bakery, a simple model, 10 yr old, hard-working. Do you have a home-bakery ?

Kiki the witch bakes cherry bagels.

I understood she was brave the other day. Why ? Well, I’m supposed to use sourdough or yeast. The problem is the yeast and baking powder have both the same type of yellow package. So, I was surprise my *yeast* was not bubbling much and attributed that to the cold. I added a little more and va va boom, launched the machine.
The bread was thicker than usual, but not bad in toasts. I was a little disappointed.
Next day, I find my package of yeast unopened, brand new from the shop… you’ve got it. The bread was made with baking powder.

Yesterday I fed her yeast ! Super bubbly.
She made this good crispy outside, tender inside French loaf last night.

During my dreams…
Sourdough bread from the machine. Improved recipe : It went through the program, rested a days, started again. It’s quicker than to go down and buy some industrial bread. Bakers are even further away. Some are great, but so expensive.

When Kiki was young, she was not making very good pain bread. Well, in French bread brain, we have a zone for pains (just flour bread) and brioches (with egg, butter, milk, cream, whatever…). That was easy to get a sweet loaf, not to obtain a tasty and well textured unflavored bread. So I tried yeasts and flours, experimented. Now, it’s a mix of bread flour and AP flour, and always pro yeast (either directly or via sourdough). I add either roast wheat germs or a fancy flour or nuts or nuka rice bran.

Color is due to nuka rice bran and sesame seeds.