Purple falafels


Colorful falafels and a creamy sour sauce today…
Quick and fun.


Yes, red cabbage brings the color.


I blended the cabbage, then added the soaked chick peas, some onion, cardamome seeds and ajowan (a little), salt.


They become pink in the pan…


The sauce is soy yogurt, with lemon juice, coriander seed, salt and pepper.


Mmm, purple pillows…


Mint cha gio, all your green leftovers inside Spring rolls


Veggies to use or lose, combined to an envy of nems as we say in France. I mean cha gio, the Vietnamese Spring rolls, that are a French favorite deli food. These rolls can be made in great style with many ingredients, deep fried and all. It’s a quick and casual version.


The filling is very simple : Minced lettuce, mint, garlic, onion and ginger. Salt, pepper. Mashed white beans. Fold in rice paper. Let a few hours to allow flavors to mix.


They could be eaten raw… if you don’t mind raw garlic and onion that are a bit strong. I pan-fried them.


The sauce : pounded garlic, brown sugar, a pinch of salt, chili and plenty of rice vinegar.


One side dish is a quick tsukemono (pickles) : grated daikon radish, broccoli leaves, cut sakura leaves, a little salt. Let 20 minutes then squeeze away excess liquid. A second dish is a “stalk” stir-fry in the space of pan next to the rolls. The menu :


Twisted egg briks

I turned around the delicious Tunisian snack. For the recipe :

classic brik DIY (click here)

Today, it’s filled with a Japanese ingredient.

Hot and crunchy additions.

A rich mix : the previous ingredients, plus negi leeks, ras-el-hanout spice mix, more cumin, tomato paste, onion, garlic.
Then an egg.

And the result is : ad-dic-tive ! You’d never say it’s natto. The flavor is Orient. The texture soft and crunch. The heat…

With a refreshing salad as usual.

Shishamo en Provence

These very Japanese fish are prepared like in Provence, in a flat skillet, with olive oil, garlic, herbs.

Shishamo, those small Hokkaido smelts. This preparation changes from :

classic baked shishamo

They contain eggs. So they are called komochi shishamo. I buy them salted and half-dry.

Fava beans, with slices of garlic, also pan-fried in olive oil.

A few leaves : a handful of fresh basil and a steamed bok choy.

Dinner chuka

Chuka is an old word for Chinese. A short for chuka-ryori (Chinese cuisine in Japan). Well localised Chinese cuisine. Pass it at the sauce gourmande and add season produce, you have this simple dinner.

You can see a few colored leaves, but the trees are still very green, only a few fell. The cold air has been around for 2 in evenings only. So the dramatic color change of Autumn should start this week-end.

Stir-fry. Flavored with oyster sauce, tomato paste and ginger. It contains chicken liver, red onions, dried carrots, chili pepper, chrysanthemum leaves (added after).

Satoimo mochi. (see recipe here) It is served coated with Thai sweet chili sauce.

Gyoza dumplings (bought ready to stir-fry). I eat them dipped in Chinese black vinegar.

Yes, I cheat, I buy ready sometimes. Why not ? But making gyoza is possible. The thing is you need days of 25 hours to make the gyoza + the 2 other dishes. I’ll “gyoze” another day.

home-made Osaka gyoza (click here)