Pon de rin, donut like a ring of pearls, baked version

A ring of ball cakes, sweetened with kurozato black sugar.

The fast-food Mr Donut sells those pon de rin. The mean is “pon” like pao de queijo, shaped in ring… and donutifried, of course.

The dough was nearly the same as :

pao de queijo (click here)

But I used 1/3 of cheese and added kurozato (black sugar).

I formed the rings on baking paper. Painted oil all around. Baked 20 minutes. Passing oil 2 or 3 times during that time.

With confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon.

Pão de queijo, draft

I tried to make pão de queijo the Japan…er, I mean Brazilian cheese ball cakes. Yes, we find them in bakeries here in Japan, in some modified version. Without cheese, or it’s tasteless invisible-to-tastebud cheese.

Cheese, egg and shiratamako. I had that Greek cheese, very strong. I should have used tapioca flour, for Brazilian version. I’ve read those we had here were made of a rice flour like shiratamako (that is processed, like dried mochi).
But but… I started and found I had not enough of this. So I’ve added potato starch.
So roughly :
A : 50 g egg + 3 tbs water + 50 g shiratamako + 50 g potato starch
B : 4 tbs grated cheese

I mixed well the ingredients of A. Then added the cheese.

Formed balls. 2 with black sesame. 2 with chives.

Baked 25 minutes.

The taste is great, the best I’ve eaten. But they should be softer, like French gougere. They are too much like cake.