Spring eggs floating on a green pond

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Ultra-fresh Spring eggs are a delicacy. They are perfect to make poached eggs. This is a light first dish, ideal to start a big Easter feast.


They are placed on a simple soup of romaine salad. Seasoned with spices.



Brioche pascale. Baking my nest.


In advance on the season, I’ve already eaten 2 brioches de Pâques(Easter sweet bread).


Yes, the quail eggs are baked with the brioche.
My brioche is an arranged (simplified) version of this recipe (in French).


Easter eggs, old fashioned and modern style.
Tips to color the eggs.
For yellow : boil them with turmeric.
For yellow : boil them with the outer peel of onion.
For yellow : boil them with kushinashi (gardenia bulbs) yellow food coloring.
For yellow, it’s easy. For other colors, good luck ! Food coloring doesn’t work all times. Spinach doesn’t work.


Breaking the eggs…


Coucou, coulibiac !

I dreamed of a mini-coulibiac in a buttery flaky crust…

… with salmon trout, spinach

…rice, quail eggs.

There were eggs everywhere.

2011 Easter

Yep, it’s a seasonal thing.

Hiding the little eggs in the herbs…

The eggs are somewhere in this nest of …

…coulibiac. It’s round because I need a dish to shape it.

Here !

Home-made pie sheet, brown rice, slightly stir-fried spinach and onion, boiled quail eggs, poached salmon, salt, pepper…close, return, paint with egg yolk, bake.

Served with 3 greens (lettuce, cucumber, okra) and lemon.

Crispy, butter pie, with melty salmon… Delicious ! I love Easter food.

Joyeuses Pâques : Usazilla, a Japanese Easter bunny

Let’s imagine what Easter would be in Japan….

Yeah, my bunnies look like dinos under the sakura blossoms…

They are a bit dirty… That’s what you get for 5 minutes of preparation.
I made them quickly, with plain chocolate (not couverture), with cocoa, instant coffee… a little butter.

Stuffed them grossly with walnut and grated lemon peel.
The taste was really good. The aspect…

And the egg… well, it’s a dinosaurus egg. They sell that at the nearby supermarket. You can keep them 10 000 years. Very convenient.

When you want your pet, you put an egg in water… and you wait 3 days.

It floats… I’ll tell you when the baby arrives !
And I stole a few flowers in the streets… No idea what the white ones are. The pinks are double sakura cherry blossoms. They are late bloomer and prolongate of 2 weeks the hanami season.