Shadow risotto

A slow-cooked risotto… I didn’t check the time, but it was extremely long. I used genmai (brown rice) milky queen and 10% of sticky black rice for the color.

As many it’s often the case in my kitchen, the risotto is full of mushrooms.
Another mushroom risotto

Eringi (a cultivated version of pleurotes, even if I find maitake look closer to wild pleurotes), and a new shape of the same… The small ones are the bunapee.

It’s a classic risotto, onion, garlic, the rice in a little butter. Added progressively, and in that order, water, stock (of seaweed and soy sauce), alcohol (sake). The stock is salty, that doesn’t help the rice to cook, so I prefer starting with the water.
Then the mushrooms. At the end, parmesan cheese, other cheese and cubes of broccoli stalks.

No need to introduce that 3 ingredient coleslaw again, just cabbage, apples and cider vinegar.

(meal with 2 servings of risotto)
Cal573 F12.5g C103.3g P23.7g

Grand chausson, calzoning chicken…

With the refreshing weather I’m developping a pie-mania. Tonight is a variation of the calzone pizza and other Meditteranean or Middle-Eastern chaussons.

Pizza compilation

Making flat bread and a chausson

The dough is not very solid, made of half AP flour and half nuka (rice bran), with herbes de Provence, sea salt and a little olive oil, added baking powder to avoid a “concrete” texture. That worked well. The dough was like a softer hot digestive cookie. I loved it, ate all the crumbs…

About nuka, rice bran

Chicken breast, red onion, bell peppers, chili pepper…

Grated Parmesan cheese.

Tomato paste with herbes and olive oil.

In the oven heated on “pizza mode”… 25 minutes.

Daikon radish with goya (bitter squash).

A little apple from Aomori, very red, both acid and sweet.

Cal 587.3 F24.6g C72.9g P32.4g

Cheesy tokkpokki al dente ?

I read the post of Chef Joe on the blog Merveilles de la Nourriture, Spicy Korean Rice Cake (ddukbokki) topped with Cheese . He made cheese baked tokkpokki… but in a Korean sauce. That was surely delicious.

After that, my idea was to serve the Korean tokk like Italian pasta, in a tomato sauce and cheese. So I started with garlic and onion in olive oil, added tomato passata, herbes de Provence… then the tokk. The cheese is grated old parmesan. It’s not baked. The last addition is rucola.

That was not bad… but I regretted that was neither spaghetti nor gochujang sauce. Not a so good idea. That happens.

A few steamed veggies. There were also broccoli.

Dessert is a small serving of creme Mont-Blanc aux marrons, with a chip of chocolate (well, it’s 100% cocoa).

Cal 540 F8.8g C78.9g P15.8g