Egg head crackers

Simple crackers with a pleasant egg and roast sesame flavor.

That’s the same dough as for egg pasta : egg + flour. I passed it in the pasta machine. Then I put it on an oiled foil, added raw sesame seeds and salt, passed the roll to fix.

Cut with the pizza rolling cutter.

Baked in the oven toaster, till golden.

Note to myself : you should have pushed more with the roll as 1/3 of sesame seeds went away.

They can be served with a chilled kabocha chana dal soup.

Or stored in a box.

Trial : home-made soba buckwheat noodles

I often eat soba buckwheat noodles. But this time, I’ve made them. Hurrah !

soba soba-mania, many soba variation

Buckwheat flour is not so easy to work. I don’t know the pro technique and I totally cheated.
-took buckwheat flour, added lukewarm water to wet it
-added as much durum semolina as necessary to make it not too sticky. I’d say, they are 30% semolina, 70 % buckwheat.
-passed into the pasta machine

Patatra ! Well, I’ve waited one hour and tried again. No problem. The dough needs to rest.

Boiled the noodles 2 minutes, let 2 minutes in old water, then I’ve rinsed and refreshed them in iced-water.
Important : keep the water in which the noodles boiled.

Serve along with a cup of tsuyu (soy sauce and dashi stock cold soup).

A few toppings.

A side dish : veggies seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce.

Lunch is served !

Add toppings in the tsuyu, then deep the noodles :

Schlllurrrp !

I had told you to keep the water. When the noodles are eaten, reheat it and pour in the leftover of tsuyu with any remaining toppings.
You can finish the meal with 2 cups of soup :

Nuttiful : another green pesto

What’s simpler and better than tagliatelle coated in pesto ? The basil pesto is very famous, the green rucola one is good too…

Making egg pasta. Thank you, little machine… when it’s too hot for the pin speading.

Then, with the rest of my bouquet… well my bush of rucola/aragula, a few roast almond, olive oil, garlic, cheese lambda (can’t always be fussy on the pedigree), natural salt, a little water and… thank you, my friend the blender… when it’s 80% of humidity, the mortar could melt.
When it’s creamy, add more almonds and cubes of cheese, just blend 15 seconds to break them. So there are crunchy bits and soft saltier fresh spots that contrast with the rest.

What is great is the leaves develop their nutty aftertaste, so the roast almonds is the perfect match.

With a fresh tomato… yum, a good supper.

Cal : 432 F21.7g C42.7g P17.4g