Kuzukiri crystal noodles in creamy coriander sauce

Transparency in the Spring crisp light…

Hummus coriander sauce :
In the mortar, stalks and roots of coriander, a handful of chick peas (boiled), then when it’s pasted a generous amount of tahini sesame paste, salt and pepper. That was a bit thick, I delayed with hot water.

Kuzukiri are Japanese noodles made of kuzu starch (more here). These also contain potato starch.

That’s it ! And when you mix :

It’s so creeeeaaaaamy !

Side dish : chicken liver salad with steamed greens, myoga and raspberry vinaigrette.

Fish sauce pasta and banchan

There was meat sauce… it’s fish sauce. Plus Korean style zukes and favs.

For the sauce I had a leftover of aji (Japanese jack mackerel). I put them in water, with garlic, brought to a boil, let cool a while. Added 4 whole tomatoes, salt, pepper. Passed the mixer. Reheated with Louisiana chili. Served hot on top on hot penne. Garnished with nira.

Slightly boiled fresh fava beans, skinned.

Boiled zucchini. Both are seasoned similarly with a mix water, fragrant sesame oil, a little soy sauce, infused with with little bits while I prepared the rest. The sauce is poured on the hot veggies and they are let cool 30 minutes. Chili powder added to taste on the table.

Asari and douchi hot duet (black bean shellfish sauce)

A superb sauce to change my plain old pasta.

I have enjoyed the shellfish and douchi sauces in Singapore. I don’t have their recipe, so I invented mine.

Chili and douchi Chinese fermented black beans.

Onion, tomato, a few douchi (they are VERY salty), chili…simmered in a little oil. Slightly mixed.

Added Chinese aged “wine”, then the asari clams.

Cal 364.1 F10.8g C54.6g P14.3g

Eat your greens in matcha pasta

Because we eat with the eyes first, some home-made egg pasta with matcha (powdered tea for ceremony).

A flavorful home-made tomato and meat sauce. I juiced the leftovers of beef and carrot stew, added herbes de Provence and tomato paste. Added the bits of leftover meat. Reheated a little.

Boeuf-carottes forever

Hokkaido cheddar.

Yummy !

Meatball Tagliatelle (via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Meatball Tagliatelle Tomato puree, garlic, onion, green sweet pepper, dried chili, herbes de Provence, olive oil. Meat balls (beef, coriander seeds, black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon) Home-made tagliatelle (bread flour and egg) Snap peas For 1 serving of pasta Cal 640.3 Fat 26.2g Carb 67.5g Prot 35.2g (I had 2 servings of pasta , I need carbs today… I will make in sort that I needed them.LOL) Cal 851.6 Fat 29.2g Carb 103.9g Prot 44.0g … Read More

via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka