Japanese warming soup with mini daikon

A little tutorial of Japanese cuisine today. It’s a soup with sake lees that has the property of warming up the body. It’s ideal for the cold season.

I like daikon, the huge Japanese white radish… but my favorite bit is the leaves. So I’m very happy with this type.

Very small radishes, sweet and tasty.

Tons of greens !

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nanakusa okayu

Besides the mini daikon, I had cooked kabocha pumpkin, onion, dry shiitake mushrooms. Then tofu and sakekasu.

酒粕 sakekasu is a by product of sake making. It arrives on the market in this season. The taste ? It’s like unsweetened goat cheese with a little sake… Well, you should try.

Amazake, a drink with sake kasu

Sake kasu soup recipe

1. Dashi stock : put a 1 tbs of dry fish flakes (kezuri katsuo) and water, bring to a boil.
2. Season with soy sauce and miri, simmer a few minutes.
3. Add veggies or whatever items you want (optional, veggies, fish and tofu are common choices)
4. At the end, cut the stove and blend in the sake kasu paste. Slightly reheat without boiling, and serve.

For vegan dashi stock click here.

This is the way to blend in pastes into Japanese soup. The technique is similar for miso. We have this set “sieve + spoon” but you can get them separately. Put pate in the sieve, plunge it in the stock and stir with the spoon till all the paste has melted in.

So I’ve cooked progressively the onions, then the radish, then the leaves and just reheated the tofu and kabocha, finishing with the paste.

Dozo meshi agare !

Yuzu koshio, the green spice

If you like it spicy, if you like green, if you like lemon flavor… this is for you. This green condiment is called yuzu koshio, yuzu pepper.
You can buy it but is very salty and not so tasty as home-made.

Green yuzu citrus, green chili peppers and salt.

Grate the green part of the rind of yuzu.

The chilis, emptied and pasted too. I mix sweet and hot to get a good balance.

Mix and add salt. If you want to keep a year in the fridge, you should add 10% of weight of salt. That’s a lot. I put much less. I store it only a few days.

And I freeze small servings (1 tbs). You can alo make cubes in a tray for ice cubes.

Chou-fleur à la tapenade – Provence on cauliflowers

Cauliflower with the Provençale sauce tapenade.

Tapenade is a classic paste or sauce from the South of France. I don’t know how popular it is over the world. You can see some ready to use in jars. Making yours is very easy.

It is made by pounding, or blending pitted black olives, with a little garlic, anchovy, lemon juice (a little) and olive oil (a lot). I added herbes de Provence.
You can use it as a dip for raw veggies, as a topping for bread, or like here for hot veggies.

Take a nice cauliflower.

Steam the blossoms.

Add a few cherry tomatoes.

Bring the tapenade.
Enjoy ! It’s simple and delicious.