Momo mitsu-nyu, a plant based tres leches with peach


Freshly invented, this is the Japanese tres leches. Momo, the peach. Mitsu-nyu, 3 milks. It is vegan, gluten free, and oishii !

More about “tres leches” cake and basic recipe.

This is okara, the fiber left after you squeeze out soy milk. I often make cakes with it.

I’ve made a very simple vanilla okara cake, very simple :
1 cup of okara, 2 tbs of potato starch, 2 tbs of cane sugar, 1 tbs of dry coconut, vanilla powder, enough water to get a sticky dough. Baked on low heat in 2 round molds.


Next day, I’ve soaked the dried cooled cakes.
Syrup : coconut milk + coconut cream + 1 small chunk of kurozako black sugar.
I consider soy creaminess from the okara makes the 3rd milk.


That’s the texture you obtain.


A few hours later, I’ve piled the 2 rounds and garnished.
Cream : coconut cream, powder sugar and green kinako (a grilled soy powder). I’ve completed with slices of peach.


A fresh creamy cake that will live long enough to take and photo and then disappear into the paradise of great food memories…



Hiya yakko fresh simple lunch



冷奴 hiya yakko, literally chilled cubes. Cubes of tofu. That’s the symbol of Japanese Summer.


Negi leeks. Well just the greens are needed now…


Chop thinly.


Take freshly made quality tofu. Silky is the most popular for this dish. Chill it. Serve cubed with the negi and shoyu soy sauce. Or other toppings of your choice.


People hate or love okra’s jelly texture. That’s what make this veggie great for hot days. It helps for hydration.


Fresh skewers. The okras are blanched and refreshed in iced water, then cut.


The season of the famous Japanese peaches is arriving. This small one makes the perfect conclusion.


Pêcher mignon en papillote

Pêcher mignon… the name is lost in transltion. Let’s say cute sinful peach tree ?

Plus a few drops of lemon juice…

Wrapped in shape of papillon (butterfly).


Let’s open… Hum, the vanilla and rose flavor is divine.
You can add ice-cream to make it a real dietetic sin. I don’t need that. Oh wait, I had some…

Organza peach

The veil on my peach looks like the precious fabric.

It’s simply kanten jelly, agar agar jelly (with strawberry juice and raspeberry liquor). It’s much crunchier than standard jelly.
Boil the agar 1 minutes or 2 hours… I mean it’s quick if you use the powder (I did) and long if you go to take the seaweeds on the beach. I could do that, but I’m too lazy.

Agar is stlightly diuretic. Sorry to say that in a dessert post, but it’s in the good sense. Eating small amounts of this seaweed in hot season spares you lots of digestive difficulties.

On fresh peach. No added sugar. It’s healthy, refreshing and really delicious.

Yell’Autumn 1 : Peaches

Food takes the color of the season…
A new color for the momo (Japanese peach) : completely yellow.

Inside too. That’s not a nectarine. They are crunchy and sweet. Delicious. I don’t try to know how they do that…

As they are new and superb, they sell them not cheap at all… I had seen them for a while and I was thinking that was excessive. These two are not 100% perfect, they were discounted. Observe well and see if you can find the defects.