Pakuchi som tam papaya, and baby corn


I took my mortar to prepare a little Thai style lunch around cilantro/coriander green papaya salad.


So now we have local green papaya, let’s grate it.


Garlic, green hot chili. Then red hot hot hot chili (very little, it’s so hot), ami ebi salty shrimps, toasted peanuts, kabosu lime juice, a little sugar, nam pla fish sauce. Then red sweet chili, green papaya, coriander leaves and stalks.


Tam ! Tam ! Tam ! Tam !


Fresh baby corn from Thailand.


I’ve used it for a stir-fry. Just oil and a little garlic, to cook the white parts of negi leeks, shishito green peppers, edamame beans, then the baby corn. I garnished with sweet chili sauce.


Brown rice.


A nice 3 dish meal.



Peanut, shiitake and black bean ‘pâté de campagne’

It is a chunky pâté with a woody flavor of nuts and fungi.

It looks like the meaty pâté de campagne.

classic pâtés

It’s not a faux. It’s a different one, with these ingredients :

Onion, garlic, black beans (kuromame), mashed black beans, soaked dry shiitake mushroom slices…

Crunchy and flavored…

After baking.

Painted with sweet chili sauce.

It has a spreadable texture. Well, it’s pâté. Perfect with buckwheat yuzu bread and a salad.

Choco chip cookies made with coconut cream

It’s too hot for butter so I use coconut cream a lot. I tried to make cookies with it.

It’s a bit different in texture. The batter was a bit too liquid (it’s very hot here) and the first batch spread too much. I used mold for the second. But they are (were) all delicious.

I totally eyeballed the proportions. Same volume of cream and egg, sugar to taste and as much flour/powder as needed.

Peanuts and chocolate for the flat ones. Raisins and choc’ for the small ones. You may think I was not generous in chocolate, but it’s 100% cocoa mass, very strong. I put the maximum. More would be too much.

Yes, that was tough to make them pass the night to make daylight photos… Great breakfast !

Tomato with silky stuffing

An original super-refreshing salad meal. It’s very easy to prepare. The filling is tofu based but full of strong flavors, lemony, herbal and nutty.

Just mix. The only “work” is to roast and mill the sesame. It really taste better than the bought pre-roast and pre-milled.

Let a while, maybe 15 minutes, as the liquid goes out. Fill the tomato.

The tomato is stuffed, but it’s better to put it one hour in the fridge at that point. It will be fresher, and the herb flavor will have developped. Also refresh the leftover of filling.

It can be served on its own with nutty toppings : roast sesame, and broken peanuts.
I’ve let a few peanuts whole in their underwear. That red skin is full of nutrient, I’ve read and we are still to discard it. Me ? I have always eaten the skins, that’s my favorite part.

That makes a second dish.

Sata Andagi Fu (Okinawan donuts, baked style) via GiO


Sata andagi, AKA saata andaagii AKA sa~ta~ andagi~…. as you want, don’t ask me. I don’t do short/long vowels, I don’t do tones, because I’ve never heard such things. It’s simple “sugar donut” in Okinawan….

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