An axoa with 1, 2, 3, 4 peppers…



Another Basque dish, to match the cakes. It’s called axoa, and you say that : “ashowa” like ” Ah ! shhh ! wah ! “. Because it’s …mmm, and you never make enough of it.


The name would refer to hashing, the meat, the veggies…


Veal is more common. I’ve used pork. To compensate the absence of the famous Espelette pepper for which this dish was invented, I’ve mixed :
-fresh long green sweet peppers
-fresh red paprika
-a bit of frozen hot Korean red chili
-some paprika powder


That’s ready :


That goes well with garlic flavored potatoes.


Schploof ! Into the shakshuka

I had an envy of shakshuka triggered by a post on the blog of Katherine Martinelli about shakshuka from Israel…. Thanks for the idea. That was delicious.

A stick of bread diving into the golds of old Orient is pure bliss.

Each family region of each country from Morocco to Turkey, including France, has a version, a spelling and a pronunciation of the chouchouka. With or without…all the possible ingredients. I had never eaten it with eggs so far. Now that’s done.

I made mine in 4 minutes, I emptied my fridge : baked aubergines, added bell peppers, tomato paste, garlic, spices… nuked. Added the eggs, oil, spices and baked. Put bread to grill on the side to make mouillettes (soldiers). Made a balsamico dressing salad.
That’s the lazy way, but that was delicious.