Pasting the shiso

That’s simply the Asian cousin of the Italian basil pesto. The recipe is the same, but the taste is totally different. I had bought a huge pack of shiso leaves that I couldn’t use in time, so that was the tasty solution to prolongate their live.

I’ve used it to garnish a few dishes this week.

You’ll see these noodles soon.

I’ve kept the olive oil and sea salt.

A layer of oil on top to keep it a few days in the fridge. It looks muddy, but under the green freshness is intact.

It did not last long. You never made enough shiso pesto.

Shiso plate

In the “quick can be fun” series, a colorful Korean mood fried rice. That’s ready in 5 minutes, if you trust the rice-cooker for the grains. It’s spicy and delicious !

Well a stir-fry is a stir-fry. What makes it is the ingredients.

Brown rice… yes, I see some often, but with many variations. Can you see the pearls in this ?

It’s takakibi, sorghum. They give a minty nutty … well, some taste to the rice.

post about sorghum

Juicy paprika.

Leaves of shiso (perilla). Shiso has the acidity of sorrel. I saw sorrel in Japan once, that was in 20th century in an exotic market. So I’ve reported my sorrel addiction to these leaves…
That’s the same that you see on the 2 first photos. The shape ? Oh, well, I played with the scissors. There are also strips of shiso “melt” inside the rice.

There is also kimchi, natto (fermented soy beans) and napa cabbage in it.
Now I feel hot and energized for a walk in Autumn wind !

Making dashi…’t! (Obanazawa no dashi) (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Making dashi...'t! (Obanazawa no dashi) CAUTION : This stuff is highly addictive ! It's a tsukemono, J-style pickles. This one is a cousin of the picalilli. You can eat them with rice, tofu… or how you want. For instance, directly from the bowl, barefoot in front of the fridge in the middle of the night. A dinner with Yamagata no dashi This is not the run of mill tsukemono at your local sushi shop, but a regional specialty. Of course, I can buy some in Osaka but that's expensive. Ing … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Full veg’ lunch : falafel, kimchi, hijiki…

Bright food for a dark day of rainy season.
It’s nearly vegan (kimchi is not, no problem for me) and fully yummy.

First dish : hijiki and carrot ying-yang.
They are boiled. Hijiki are black seaweeds. Under there is a sauce of mirin, soy sauce, sesame seeds and fragrant sesame oil. Once mixed :

Kimchi salad.
2 days ago, I had a small left-over of kimchi and most of the juice. I mixed in cubes of daikon radish and cucumber. It’s less spicy than kimchi, well balanced, crunchy and pleasant.

Olive oil pan-fried falafels. Reminder : you don’t make falafels from canned chick peas. You soak them overnight, then mix them raw. Added turmeric, garlic, onion, salt. Harissa was not far away…

You can make something similar with favas (broad beans) :


Soupe du jour : Composée

Challenge : renewing the soupe du jour (daily soup) with what is in the fridge. There was the simmered base of the previous soup :

Soupe du jour : vert de poireau
So simmered daikon and leek greens. That needed salt and pepper.
Let’s add the raw.

Plus mushrooms and quail eggs.
And a chunk of yellow paprika -> juiced.
A baby shiso.

Mix… and it’s yummy !

Something crunchy.

Perfect. I had more toppings…



Et hop !