Desserts de France…


Les crêpes !
Crêpes Suzette mandarineCrêpes boisettes (berry) Crêpes little sunCrêpes soufflées tropicales

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Noël et Rois (Xmas and Kings) :
Pompe à l’huile (sweet fougasse)Nonnettes (fluffy gingerbread)Flocon de neige (snowflake cake)Nougat glacé (honey ice-cream) Galette des Rois (Kings’ cake)Galette des Rois au chocolat

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Les fruits !
Poire pochée au chocolat Baked pineappleFruity papilloteTartelette aux figuesPomme lampion (baked apple) Crémet aux fruits rouges


Classiques :
GénoiseCygne et choux (cream puffs and swan) MillefeuilleTarte au chocolat Religieuse (cream puff “nun”)


Regions :
Brioche de Pâques (Easter bread, Provence)Gâteau de Metz (retro chocolate cake, Lorraine)Croustade or Pastis aux pommes (apple pie, Gascogne) Millas (corn and pumpkin, South-West) Farz fourn (butter cake, Bretagne)


Coffee sunglassesGâteau truffe aux kumquatsWhite chocolate cinnamon apple cake Raspeberry choco-carob cake

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Pets de nonne (‘farting nun’ carnival donuts)Mango coco millefeuilleStar anise mandarin chocolate tarte Crémet in mint sauceGâteau de la bergère (Shepherd’s cake made with potato) Petits flans a la betterave (sweet beetroot puddings)

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Carnival doughnuts : orange blossom farting nuns

This is the season of Carnival in Europe. The tradition is to make all sorts of beignets (doughnuts).
The pets de nonnes are very popular home-made treats in France.
Pets de nonne literally means “farts of a nun”.

Because this looks like a nun’s veil. And the sainte woman can “prout prout” into the oil :

Even if actually most people use a spoon and gets this round shape.

That’s a pâte à choux(same dough as cream puff). I made it, this time, with olive oil and water instead of milk and butter, but don’t worry, that doesn’t make them healthy at all. They are flavored with orange blossom water and cane sugar and the olive oil, the trio is great.

When fried, they double of volume.

So they are very light, fluffy, full of air :

They are delicious hot or room temperature, with or without sugar on top. And that’s addictive, if you eat one, you eat them all. And you become phaaaat like a pig, but that doesn’t matter because you’re going to Lent till your so skinny that you need an emergency refueling of chocolate. Well, whatever your religious practice : enjoy the Carnaval Mardi-Gras !