Easter hanami bento


A lunch to bring outside.


In a park… with cherry blossoms.


There are kyaraben (decorated bento) artists that produce masterpieces. I admire them, but that’s not for me.
I just tried to make it thematic colorful, thematic and tasty, without spending the night making it.


Mixed rice (brown and sticky), with green peas, and ninnikunome (garlic stalks) as a fence.


Shrimps and edamame marinated in yuzu juice.


Spring salad : spring onion, potato, parsley, turmeric.
I made both it the night before. It’s a salad that gets better when longly marinated. The ideal bento food.
For decoration : Blossoms of daikon radish.


Not very visible : small pies of potatoes flavored with miso and sakekasu (leftovers). Blossoms of carrots.
Desserts : A kumquat. Easter eggs.


The full menu.


Out there. Yes, an additional dessert, torta di riso (see here). The truth is that was too much. After the bento, I didn’t want to eat the cake, but I’ve eaten it later, for tea.


Waffle sands under the cherry blossoms


Double sakura waffles. Both the waffle and its filling have a delicate cherry blossom flavor. It’s the perfect snack for the season. It’s very quickly made.


DIY sakura leaf powder : I’ve left rinsed pickled sakura leaves dry. Then I crushed them with my finger.


I mixed them with flour, baking powder, a little kurozato black sugar, soy milk. Cooked waffles.


Took out my sakura-an cream to garnish.


Cut into triangle sands.


Prepared my basket, with a thermos of sencha green tea. And I went to eat them at the nearby park… The wind froze me, I was glad to have tea to thaw me.



My chicken casse-croûte

In French, we call sandwiches casse-croûte (break the crust), but the truth is most sandwiches sold over the world, or even those made from bought bread rolls don’t deserve the name. There is nothing crusty. It’s soft to ultra-soft, and not really satisfying as after eating one… you just one more.
That’s not the case today as I made the bread.

It’s so hot that bread dough makes bubbles… I’d have got a ciabbata if I had let it in a cooler place. Next time.

That’s bread. After all.

A bit dense, but tasty and really crunchy.

Grainy mustard. Grilled chicken.

Bell pepper. Ruccola.
And I got a solid casse-dale !

Kabocha, grilled with the chicken.

Very filling and tasty.