Fruity curry with bananas and pineapple

A warm sweet and spicy dish is ideal to bring energy and sun on a Fall day. It’s a sweet coconut curry with mostly fruits.

A block of firm tofu (cotton pressed,momen tofu). For more firmness, I squeezed it a while between 2 plates and then pre-cooked in micro-wave.

Frying dry Indian spices, then cubed tofu, banana, pineapple and onion.

It’s spiced with red curry paste, red chili, paprika, and it’s wet with coconut milk. The leaves on top are sour fragrant shiso.

It’s sweet, it’s lovely. It’s like having dessert for lunch.

Obama pizza, victory Hawaiian

That was an important election for all of us. We shouldn’t care outside the US, but Japan is still some kind of occupied territory and many other countries depend on the US prez… So it’s a good thing the guy with common sense won. So here is the Obama pizza. Deep dish Chicago Hawaiian pizz’…

Rich pizza dough, 2 cheeses, shishito peppers…

As many stars of ham as states ? Maybe not. Well chunky tomato sauce. On top, ham, grilled pineapple sprinkled with habanero powder.

Baked !

So now, Mr. Obama be careful of what you do with the world.

Aloha dreamy iced coffee

Start the day with a deliciously creamy, fruity and refreshing drink.
I don’t remember where I had this first, but that was love at first sip. The mix may sound weird when you read it, but not at all.

Prepare a cup of strong coffee. Pour into the mixer, with ice-cubes, a banana and cubes of fresh pineapple.

Push the blender’s button until you see lots of foam.
Close the eyes : that’s the foam of the waves licking your feet, you’re on a tropical island.

I love living at the seaside. I can go to the beach whenever I want. Like… er, a few years ago. I’m just a crazy city girl.

Ananas-chocolat, simple cup cakes

Ananas-chocolat. Pineapple-chocolate. A perfect match in heaven.

For melting mini-cakes…
Roughly like the brownies :
1/2 block of tofu (200 gr) into the mortar, lots of non sweet cocoa powder, 2 tbs cane sugar, 1 tbs of instant coffee, 3 or 4 tablespoons of flour, 2 tbs of tahin (sesame butter), 2 tbs of rum, enough water to get a cream texture.

Mizuna colada

A green morning drink. In it :

Leaves of mizuna.

Pineapple, coconut cream and a strawb’. The leaves have a very neutral flavor. That tastes like alcohol-free piña colada.

Enjoy in bikini on the beach. Well, in underwear, drying after the shower on the balcony, that makes it too.

Petit jambon antillais (pineapple baked ham)

Jambon de Noël antillais
This is another style of Christmas ham, from the Antilles (French Caribbean islands). That’s addictive. I could eat some in all seasons. It’s fruity, spicy and fun. It’s hard to stop eating it. Probably impossible. That was 3 portions for an animal of the size of the gourmande. I’ve schlurped it all in one sitting, licked the plate, the fingers, the dish.
So you’re warned : Make it at the right size or invite the right number of persons.

It’s a boring white ham but of good quality of meat and not many additives. And they discount them from now. That’s perfect for that kind of recipe.

Shopping list :
-buy one more ham.

The net made indentation, I’ve cut a little further to allow flavor to get inside :

Dark rum, cinnamon sticks, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, black sugar and a little vinegar… and later I’ve added slices of raw ginger, bits of pineapple and juice.

Bagged and put to marinate 2 days in the fridge.

Baked one hour with regular showers of marinade (plus 1 tbs of honey). Then I added more pineapple, poured half of a lemon juice on the top, and I decorated with cloves. Baked again half an hour.

Serve with rice and…

… steamed rape blossoms with lemon.

A sweet potato baked at the same time made the dessert.

Edit of shopping list :
-buy 2 hams… no 3 or 4.

Triple fruit coco-tapioca pudding, natural sweeteness of a South-Asian dessert without added sugar

When food brings tenderness. Tapioca, manioc is baby food. That was nice to be fed from a spoon by Mum, do you remember ? That’s also an Asian dessert basic.

The day before, I put goji berries to soak in water. I also boiled the tapioca, rinsed it with fresh water and covered with coconut milk… but the tapioca drunk the milk, and I got that pudding.

Fresh pinapple and frozen mango.

Goji berry like cherries on the cake. Ah, I’d eat some ! Well, I mean again as I ate it.

You never have enough coconut. Let snow some more…