Tarte automne-été aux trois fruits (Summer-Fall triple pie)


Three fruits and a nut. Still Summer, already Fall.
A dessert out of this world.


Pâte sablée.


Poires au vin (drunken pears).


Figues fraîches.


Caramel coated walnuts.


You’ve counted only 2 fruits ? True. There is raspberry jam hidden somewhere.



La France sur tartelette (pear chocolate no bake pie)


A fresh plant based dessert to showcase the first ラ・フランス (“la France”), that’s how they call these locally cultivated 洋なし yonashi (Western pears).


I made the crust in the blender : half oatmeal, half sesame seeds, enough prune to make a binder. No cooking, let dry in the fridge or shortly in the freezer.


The cream : sesame seeds, cocoa, sweetener, vanilla extract and silky tofu.


Toppings : raw pear slices and a chip of 100% cocoa mass.


Dacquoises glacées aux saveurs de chocolat, noix et poire.


A light biscuit dacquoise refreshed with pear and ice-cream. A French sweet plate announcing Autumn…well end of Summer…ok, the end of mid-Summer. No, we won’t have snow tomorrow, but it seems we’ve passed the peak of heat. Let’s celebrate with a little baked dessert.


Walnut flavored mini-muffin sized dacquoises.


Aren’t they fluffy ? The dacquoise is really great, that’s the macaron in less heavy.


Soft-serve version of the brownie ice-cream. That would look nicer with fully frozen ice-cream but there was not enough time.


Des poires pour la soif. Pears for thirst is a French old saying.


This is a cake in parts…


Agar du jour : 3 textures for a belle-hélène

Another version of agar jelly made with pear, vanilla, chocolate flavors inspired by the classic poire belle-hélène.
Yes, I’m agar addicted. For those that don’t follow, I explain it again. This seaweed has a fiber that is a great digestion regulator especially in hot weather. So it’s good to eat a small amount most days.

Firm cubes of pear juice and lemon juice. Pear juice is bottled, we don’t have the pears yet.

A fresh cream, strongly vegetal made of sily tofu, coconut butter , vanilla essence.

Cocoa mass, simply melt.
Well, a nice Summer dessert.

The frangipane fragrance

A frangipane and a frangipanier

No, my flower is not a frangipanier. I am not such a good gardener. Click on the link to see areal “plumeria alba”. This flower bush is called frangipanier in French because of the similarity of fragrance with the creamy dessert.

Start a custard cream with flour, milk, egg… add the magic ingredients. One is almond powder, the other is apricot liquor. I use the Chinese one.

Finish with a little butter, a few drops of vanilla and bitter almond essence. Sugar ? At your taste. The Chinese liquor is very sweet, my pears too.

Half of the fruit is diced and added to the cream, half is sliced on top. Bake gently till the pears are a done. Top with a few butter shreds and very little sugar, melt a few minutes under the broiler to get a gloss.

Voila ! Poire frangipane Of course, pears are optional. You can frangipane all sorts of desserts, tarts, etc, or serve only frangipane cream -but I’ve never seen it done.

Let it cool. Pears darkened a little. Mmmmm….yummy !

(the whole)
Cal 532.8 F20.8g C59.2g P13.8g