Pommes de terre nouvelles au cerfeuil – Greened potatoes



Maybe what I love the most about Osaka is having the bright skies year round. That’s usually like. Now we are having a little age of shadows. It’s incredibly dark, rain, pollen, smog… But not everything is lost as flowers are lighting it up. I’m not eaten the rape blossoms too, just taking the colors as inspiration.


It’s simply steamed potatoes and a chervil vinaigrette.


Chervil, chili, onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, red wine vinegar. Pour on the cut hot potatoes. And eat !


That’s how Mum tricked us into eating…

That’s how Mum tricked us into eating hamburgers. She was hiding the meat between veggies we loved so much. And she was hiding cookies under the leaves of salad. She was ordering us to swallow chocolate bars pretexting that was a medicine for our arthritis.

You don’t believe me ? You’re right.

Yummy carrots ! The color is bright and appetizing, isn’t ? When we were kids, with my brother and sister, we refused to eat one spoon of that. I don’t even say “that food” as we considered it to be table decoration that we’d push aside to get the food.

So my Mum would *hide* them inside the mashed potatoes. That’s not very discreet, we could see them. We couldn’t separate them from the precious potatoes, so that worked.
That was her version of “hachis parmentier”.

One more variation : instead of using ground beef, or leftovers of beef, I used duck meat. That’s what I scrapped from the bones I used to make stock a while ago. I refried it with onions in duck fat.


Bread crumbs, black pepper and a little butter to make the crust.

That was good !

Pommes sautées violettes et poivrons farcis

Wanted a little French meal. Nothing complicated.
Pommes de terres sautées =stir-fried potatoes. The other French fries. This time with black potatoes.

They taste just like the regular ones, but the color is dramatic

Crispy around, soft inside.

Stuffed bell peppers.
Inside, chicken, carrot, garlic, parsley…

Creme vichyssoise arrangee et mitsuba

“arrangee” means “changed”. The recipe of “creme vichyssoise” exists, so I cannot do “n’importe quoi” and keep the name.

Creme vichyssoise : butter-fried white half of big leeks, cooked in water with potatoes, mixed, refreshed, seasoned with creme fraiche (=sour cream), salt and pepper.
This time : small leeks and potato (left-overs), chicken babanji’s broth (l.o. too), cream cheese, pepper.

And lots of mitsuba leaves.

Cal 261.4 F7.7g C44.4g P6.3g

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