Pesto and pop Eden salad


That’s a pretty crunchy lunch. That’s all lightness but that was very filling. I don’t think these pink flowers are edible. They decorate South-Asian dish. Their presence gives a paradise dream touch to any dish. I picked a box on sale, and I’ve build my jungle around them.


Starting with a bunch of fresh basil.


Let’s pound a pesto in the mortar : basil, sesame, garlic, salt. Plus : olive oil, lemon juice.


Rosy spring cauliflower.


Other raw veggies : new onion, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, favas (broad beans).


The raw vegetables marinated one hour in the pesto.


Place the veggies on a bed of baby leaf salad and more basil leaves.


Add freshly roasted pop corn on top. Add flowers to decorate.



Soupe du jour : the pop-corn quicksand

A twisted soup… for a funny plant based meal. That’s a delicious fresh green creamy soup, with a hint of nuttiness from the pop-corn.

Green simplicity. Full of proteins and flavor.
Only edamame (green fresh soy beans), mizuna leaves and kombu dashi (seaweed stock). Plus corn, for the topping.

Tristep trigridient soup :

1-Rub the pods of edamame with coarse salt and rinse them. Boil them in their pods in slightly salty water. That takes 4~5 minutes till they get soft. Or use frozen pre-boiled ones.

2-Add 2/3 of the dashi stock to the shelled beans and juice in the blender. Simmer a few minutes in a sauce pan (or the micro-wave).

3-Juice the mizuna with 1/3 of dashi. Mix to the soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve.

Pop 2 tbs of corn. I like corn flavored pop-corn. It has to be made and eaten in a delay of few minutes. After the nice taste wears off nearly as soon as they cool down. I know you can cover them with caramel, fudge or other sauces, but you simply get a piece of plastic texturing your sauce and the taste of corn is lost.

…now, look at that :

Seen it ? Too fast ? Replay, slow mode :

The camera was not on the paparazzi mode… that takes 2 minutes. But the hot soup “eats” the hot pop corn and you can see it disappearing like a person trapped in quicksand. Actually, they deflate.
I suppose that works with any kind of soup.

If you add fresher pop corn, you see the difference. You have to add the corn progressively, while you eat. Serve it on the side.