Aka endo-mame okayu, red pea rice porridge


Here is an okayu, a congee, a rice porridge.


Brown rice, soaked. Red peas boiled (Hokkaido aka endomame). A little salt. Lots of water. 3 hours simmering slowly in a rice cooker, a crockpot, or on a stove.


Umeboshi with red shiso.


To garnish : umeboshi flesh, cut shiso (from the umeboshi), stalks of mitsuba and black sesame.


Frozen tofu.


Refried briefly with Indian spice mix and turmeric.


A quick brunch.


Koshogatsu, red rice soup day

This the food for today in Japanese tradition :

Little New Year (click here)

Hey, why not ? An okayu (rice porridge) makes a nice… brunch. It’s simple just fill the rice cooker the day before.

This version is not traditional. It’s genmai brown rice. Then I’ve added fish bone stock and a few red items as final toppings. All that together was really tasty.


Oats and egg

A simple savory brunch, very warm.

Oats simmered with carrots, leeks, onion, salt and pepper.

A heated egg (I’ve sunk it in boiled water just the time I chopped the negi). Then the white keeps cooking while you take the photo. Add negi greens, and enjoy :

Avoine au vert

Let’s eat veggies and fibers. As yes, I could be slightly leaner…
That takes 1 minutes to mix, the 3 minutes of microwave. In a bowl, oats, water, cheese, edible yeast, turmeric, black pepper and :

Romanesco cauliflower.

Peas and beans.

Nanohana, rape green blossoms.

1 serving :
Cal : 343.5 Fat 11.0g Carbs 52.4g Proteins 18.9g

A warm one bowl meal

Savory oats with a rich duck broth. That warms you up delightfully. A soup-meal ready in 5 minutes. Plus 2 days.

Well, I didn’t do anything. Only slow-cooked twice some duck bones, with a bit of ginger to kill the smell. The broth is very fat. It’s possible to let it cool and skim the solidified fat, but I took some like that. Tastier. And the body needs fat to fight the cold. No worries as people that eat duck fat have no cholesterol issues. The only thing is to keep the amount reasonable in calories. I have enough to make a few other soups as you will see.

Daikon leaves for the green. And natto for the proteins.

Coco-muesli with six Autumn jewels

A vegan variation of the Swiss classic :

Bircher muesli (classic recipe, click here)

It is garnished with coconut cream. And enriched with fruits…

goji berries,
white sesame seeds,

kaki (persimmon),
mikan orange,
princess apple.