Pot au feu or pot luck ? Seafood veggie red stew.


A long time ago, a very cheerful lady asked if I liked French pot au feu and I said that was not my favorite dish. She was very disappointed as she had just discovered the dish in a “traditional French restaurant” here in Osaka, and she said : “Really I love everything spicy with tomato sauce, chick peas, seafood and hot dog sausages…”. It seems, she ate an original variation for sure that drifts far away from what most call pot au feu in France.
Well, I’ve made it today without the knackies. I don’t know if that has a name. Maybe the Spanish “cocido de pulpo con patatas”, but I don’t see it with sausages. Well, they are not here.
I have the pulpo (octopus) :


Hokkaido octopus.


Into a broth (onion with cloves, chick peas, bouquet garni, mushrooms).




Added potatoes. Later tomato sauce and a little red wine. a little hot chili.


Kyoto red kabu turnip.


I first added pieces of the root, then stalks, then at the end leaves.


Put it in a pottery.


Cover and announce “pot au feu” or whatever name…



Poule Au Pot (via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka)

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via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka