Green duet. Herb and prune pounti, and cucumber lemon balm salad


A big pounti pie, and 2 small ones…
I made this dish before and there is some explanation of its origins as a French peasant dish :
about the “pounti aux pruneaux”


I had really lots of herbs around. Can you name them ?


Starting easy : Spinach.




Shiruna, beet greens.


Karashina (takana), mustard greens. If you follow this blog you’ve seen them (here)






A milky cuke salad, flavored with fresh lemon balm. I had big huge cucumbers like in France. The local ones are much smaller usually.



There are prunes in the pountis. The sweet and savory contrast is excellent.



The quick baker’s compil’


Grits’in corn bread

Fava beans and pesto cakes
Pounti (herb and prune peasant cake)
Express sesame buns
Cake salé au fromage et aux piments jalapeños


Mikan orange cake

Quatre-Quarts, the simple butter cake
Saint-Nicolas Nonnettes (mikan stuffed ginger bread muffins)
Banana breads with nuts
Gâteau au pamplemousse – Grapefruit cake
“Hattaiko flour” cake
Millas (raisin corn bread)
Softy apple banana muffins (not on the photo)

And (click here) many variations of ok’cakes (soy fiber okara cakes).

Let’s finish with the lemony buckwheat soda bread (special post here).

Pounti aux pruneaux, green meets sweet

The pounti is a cake/pudding with lots of greens and bits of fruits. A peasant dish from the regions of the center mountains of France.
The rule of the game was to pick up the leaves you had out there and mix in your meat or bacon leftovers.

The farsou is a cousin dish :

Mimi blossom pie

Peasant herb pie

grand farsou

The white bits are duck “confit”, skin bits. They bring a bit of flavor.

The vivid green under the crust is due to beet greens (the traditional ingredients) and herbs I had around.

It’s stuffed with pitted prunes.
Light, tasty, melty, green and sweet. Yummy !

Le grand farçoune aux herbes – Nanohana blossom pie

Spring on the table : Rape blossom pie in the style of the farçoune aux herbes from Aveyron (France). That’s a nice starter, or a whole meal.

You have seen my 2 previous versions :

Mimi blossom pie

Peasant herb pie


Minced… and stuffed with stir-fried bacon bits. So too bitsy that you don’t see, but if you ate, you’d feel them. Yummy !

Mini blossom pie

A new batch of fluffy nanohana (rape blossoms) for a second try at the farcoune aux herbes without a topping. Just eggs and herbs, no meat.
The first version was :

chunky herb pie

More compact… Yeah ! That makes a delicious little side dish.
You’ll see the final version soon.