Little raw pumpkin pies in 3 ingredients

The colors of Autumn in the nature and in the plate. Today, it’s orange, brown and the fire of spices. Here is a raw vegan dessert to re-balance a little my diet as I don’t much raw these days.

The principal ingredients are :

Kabocha pumpkin
Raw sesame seeds

Plus spices.

The crust is pasted sesame seeds and pasted prune. I’ve added a little yuzu zest for flavor. I dried the tartelettes at 120 degrees in the oven toaster.

The filling : Raw kabocha flesh and same volume of water in the blender till it becomes a puree. Then I’ve added pasted prune to sweeten, powdered spices (cardamom, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, habanero) and a few spoons of powdered sesame seed.

Fill the crusts and let a few hours. The mix thickens a little.

Delicious served cool or warm.

My pumpkin pie fix

These sweet pumpkin pies are all over the web, so I ended up craving for one. I have never eaten an American pumpkin pie, so I have no idea about the taste and texture, and I’m not sure I’d love it. So I was idealizing my pie as a crunchy and nutty cup, filled with fruity kabocha and overflowing light fluffy cream…

Crust : oat and white sesame, a little sugar. It’s prebaked.
Filling : Cream cheese, (veg) cream, sugar and spices with pasted freshly kabocha. It’s 90% kabocha.





Soleil d’automne : la tarte au potiron

This Autumn sun is a pumpkin pie… but not a dessert. In France, the pumpkin is a vegetable mostly. In the North, I think there are only savory recipes. The pumpkin pies of my childhood were main dishes. Actually that was fast-food when I was a student. No, they weren’t selling them in burger places, but the tea rooms were a similarly priced alternative. I’d have a tarte au potiron and a tea or coffee for lunch. And a dessert, let’s be honest, I have never left a tea room without a sweet bit in the tummy. They’d make us a good deal including a little wedge of cake.

One layer of rice bran dough (see here). One layer of fried bacon bits and onion. One layer of cooked kabocha, egg, salt and a little coriander seed. Baked.


Join a salad and you get a meal.

Young spinach and a mini apple. Just balsamico vinegar as a dressing.
That was great. I should make that more often.

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