Salade des îles (via gourmande in Osaka)

LY : the colorful Tahitian sashimi salad.

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This food is strikingly colorful naturally…
Too bad I had not the island light. It was dark at dinner time.

It’s a Tahitian salad.
…coconut cream, more shreds of coconut…

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Kuri 1, the Japanese chestnut (via gourmande in Osaka)

L.Y. Grilled Japanese chestnut + 5 recipes…

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The kuri, Japanese chestnut is not like the chestnut I knew in France.

The flesh is more yellow…

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Matcha and mango (via Gourmande in Osaka)


Matcha and mango Matcha, the powdered green tea for ceremony and fresh mango… I had to try it. Verrine style : a layer of mango and lemon juice. A layer of cream (tofu, banana, vanilla, lemon). A roof of matcha. That was good, but not my favorite combination of tastes. Pour mes lecteurs francophones… s'ils existent : Si vous vous interessez au the japonais ou au the en general, ce blog est tres interessant. Ce jeune Francais a suivi la formation de "sommelier … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka