Mushroom ratatouille and mozuku


An autumnal ratatouille and a Japanese sea weed. モズクmozuku is a sea weed from Okinawa that looks like small leaves in a jelly. They are sold already prepared or with a sauce aside like here.


I had veggies to finish : onion, white aubergine, purple aubergine, sweet green peppers.


Mixed dry Italian mushrooms including porcini.


I soaked and stir-fried the mushrooms with garlic. Then cooked my veggies in the same oil.


I completed with tomato paste, thyme.


I mixed the mozuku sea weed with its sauce (sweet vinegar) and added a few pieces of ginger. That can be drunk like a little soup.


Cabbage, konnyaku and natto.


Brown rice.


My lunch.



Le retour de la tarte polenta



Tarte polenta aux légumes.
It’s a new and more French version of :

b4cf3-dsc08756-001 la gritzza


Same sunshine crust.


Ratatouille vegetables.


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That’s a kind of magic. Raw veggies taste great. Fried veggies are totally different, and taste great. Roasted veggies are another thing… Classic ratatouille is fried veggies. What happens when you roast instead ?

A delight !

Ratatouille veggies…

Super-veggies ! I piled them, but each has its roasting time under the grill.

Then combined :

With tomato, olive oil and red pepper sauce. Simmer the time they can suck in the sauce.

Coated in red.


Hot ratatouille vs chilled ratat’ cannelloni

Vote ! Or make a huge batch so you can eat both.

Well that’s nearly a classic ratatouille. Except that I skipped the zucchini. I had none.

Previous versions :
with zukes

More ratatouilles…

It’s delicious freshly made, piping hot. And cold too. That’s great as there are few dishes that are as delicious at all temperatures.

What to say ? Boiled pasta, refreshed in iced water, filled with cooled ratatouille. Glazed with sweet chili sauce.

seen here, click here.

It’s a very refreshing first dish.