Mizunasu and matsutake ponzu

A little wind of end of Summer is blowing…
This eggplant, AKA aubergine is a mizu nasu. Water aubergine. Like you have water melon, there are these. The particularity is it’s eaten raw.
Another recipe with mizu nasu in next post.
I dipped it in a very fragrant sauce.

As you see, I’ve found tomatillos. Yippeee ! Oh, it’s common here…but only as a decoration for tombs. Very rare to get them to eat.

I sliced and cut. Salted. Let 15 minutes. Rinsed and squeeze.

Ponzu means a mix of soy sauce and citrus juice. Here it’s sudachi lemon. And I added slices of matsutake mushroom. It’s a wild taste mushroom very popular and high-priced in North Asia. More about it soon.