wrapping fresh veggies

A quick lunch. It’s cold but I was craving for raw freshness, vegetables, not fruits. So let’s go…

Home-made tortillas, just flour and olive oil, a little salt and lots of black pepper this time.

Kabu, Japanese turnips are delicious raw or in pickles. Here, just cut.

Shungiku, chrysanthemum leaves, the long type.

More green.

Yep, commercial sweet chili sauce. I’m lazy.

Just wrap. Oh, I made hot green tea. I felt good eating a pair of these.

Grilled sardine lunch

Today’s lunch. Fish and pasta. You have surely read a lot about the healthy fat of sardine. But the truth is even if they were junk food I would eat them because that’s one of my favorite fish. I find them delicious.

Shioyaki iwashi. Salt-grilled sardines.


Pasta with boiled greens : peas and spinach.

Only powders to flavor the dish : nutty ground sesame, crunchy sea salt, and hot shichimi togarashi (7 spice mix).

The meal (with 4 sardines) :
Cal 657 F20.3g C75.2g P56.0g