Fava mitsuba green dip

A quickie ! Fresh green and healthy, a Summer hummous based on broad beans (favas).


Pound or blend together : boiled broad beans (fresh or frozen), a bunch of mitsuba leaves with stalks, a little bit of garlic, salt. Add a little olive oil. Let chill. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and chili flakes.


Sticks of raw veggies to dip in that.


Willow leaf fish


Komochi shishamo. Shishamo smelts with their kids. The body is full of roes.


柳葉魚shishamo means literally “willow leaf fish”. That’s when they hang them for drying after salting that the image takes its sense. An Ainu legend says a man was complaining near the river that his daughter was suffering from hunger, and the water’s Gods heard him. They grabbed the branch of a willow, so a few leaves fell into the water and transformed themselves in fish.


I simply grilled them.


Konnyaku sashimi, with sweet chili sauce and sesame. Goya around.


Myoga. Other sides are mesclun salad and grated daikon radish.



Wet pleasure of a pan bagnat

This is not an ordinary sandwich. It’s wet bread. Pan bagnat in Provence.

First bake cute pan bagnat special buns.They have to be round and as big as your stomach.

Prepare raw veggies, boiled egg and fish like a salade nicoise.

Cut a bun, wet the inside with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper. A branch of basil. Fill the sand. Wrap well. Go to work in the fields… No ? To the beach then. To your office. Wherever, but I think they are better when they have stayed in the sun.
At lunch time, you’ll get a delight… Flavors. Wetness.