Red bell pepper falafels


The falafel-mania is not over… Summer is just starting. Today with flashy red bell pepper.


It’s a base of pasted soaked chick peas, with onion, green and red pepper additions. To texture it, I’ve used oatmeal. Pan-fried.


Served them with grilled bread, shredded red cabbage, lemon, a little harissa and tahini sauce.


Freshly made tahini (pasted sesame), that I dilute with lemon juice and a little water to make the sauce.


Tahini sauce on the falafels and…


…on the side-dish of red bell pepper and wakame flavored sashimi konnyaku.


For dessert, green melon and a few drop this product that is a sweet reduction of balsamico vinegar. That magically enhances fruit flavor.


It’s sunny ! Yeah ! That’s why I put primevères. Primavera is the Italian for Spring, surely because of these flowers. These are cultivated. In my home place, we’d go in the fields to pick tons of wild ones, like that :

Des coucous, je me souviens de ce goût sucré qu’avaient ces fleurs.
Il y en avait partout au printemps, dans les prés, le long des talus. Nous en faisions des balles.

Source Blog “Memoire de petite fille” (in French)

We call the coucous, as “Coucou !” means “Hi !” , like “Hi, I’m the Spring. I’m here…”.
Well, I here and not there, because it’s Springing in Osaka, but it’s mid-Winter in France. I still missed the coucous.

Direct sunlight is not ideal for photos, but I wanted to show it was sunny…

Paparazzi in Saint-Barthes mode.

Harcourt studio mode.
It’s a yakisoba, a veggie stir-fry of Chinese noodles. With my jajamen sauce.

Nanohana (rape blossoms), with half-cooked egg.

A bouquet of coucous painted by Matisse.

I ate all together. With wulong tea.