Red lentil crackers, two flavors

Crackers made with red lentil flour. I passed the lentils in the coffee mill. Then it’s extremely simple.

That makes tasty crackers richer in proteins. Both taste great. I prefer… the garlic parsley ones.

To the lentil flour, I’ve added 1/2 volume of flour, olive oil, salt, just enough water. Half with powdered sesame, black pepper, spice mix and poppy seeds. Half with minced parsley and grated garlic.

Baked !

Top and back have different colors.

The 2 types, ready to be munched. I can use them as a snack to carry in my bag. Perfect.

nuka rice bran crackers

red lentil crisp bread

5 minute lentil aubergine curry

That’s not ready in 5 minutes, but that took only 5 minutes of my time to prepare.

2 minutes :

Aubergines, steamed in the micro-wave.

Red lentils, boiled in the quick program of the rice cooker.
Then I cut onion, garlic, ginger, put to fry on slow heat with laurel, chili and cardamom.

***I disappear***
15 to 20 minutes
***I’m back***

2 minutes :

Add the cooked veggies, tomato paste, salt, powder spices (turmeric, paprika, pepper).

1 minute :

Reheat. Garnish.

My vitamin supplement. I eat a few nuts and dry fruits everyday. They become a topping today,

Patties make a party…

That’s the compil’ or pre-chewed goodies.

The first photo is okara hamburg’ (recipe here).

pattzukis (azuki bean patties, several posts)

Sato imo mochi (yam patties, same recipe as Taiwanese “carrot cakes”, with tutorial)

falafeves (ta’amiya, Egyptian falafel)

Shan “yellow tofu” with chana dals

red lentil croquettes

hanbaagu (Japanese burger)

tarragon carrot hanbaagu

Swiss roesti (no egg, no flour)


pommes dauphines

chicken spicy keftas

boulettes de foie (savory herb liver meat balls)