Un baba au Plaza…comme au Plaza


plaza source (blog about a dinner at the Plaza)

I ate a baba at the Plaza. That’s easy for me, because I live at the Plaza.
Really. My appartment building is called Plaza. Well, that’s “Home Plaza”, not “Plaza Athénée”… I’m not Ducasse, but I’m really in the kitchen everyday. On top my baba, and under the master’s. Work in progress !


Baba bouchons (cork babas) baked in mini-cannele silicone molds. After 2 minutes, so a fortiori after 2 days, they were stale. For the batter, click here.
It seems very close to the recipe of the official Ducasse recipe.


I soaked a few of them in a kurozato dark sugar and vanilla syrup. Waited one more day. I also kept a little amount of syrup, enriched with dark rum with raisins in it.


Ready to serve.
The chilled baba, crème chantilly (vanilla whip) and rum.


Slice the baba.


Warm the syrup with added rum. Flame and pour on the cake.


Add the cream as you like. Confidence : I like coconut cream.


Enjoy the little walk on the nostalgia path !


Croustade ou pastis, apples in froufrou

Some call it pastis, others say croustade, and it’s the prettiest apple pie.

The apples are longly macerated in rum and vanilla…

Isn’t it cute ? And it’s too delicious to take many photos…

And with cuts bits of dough, and leftover apple, there is a next day party :

Princess crepes

Princess apples in their prime.

What to do when they start getting a few wrinkles ? Botox ?

No, the miracle youth for apples is crepes.

Fry the thin slices of apple in oil. Add some batter (egg, buckwheat and dark rum). That’s not easy to flip them, I had to use a plate.

Finition : reheat them with a little kurozato (black sugar) and a little butter. That turns into caramel.
Royal !


Mango pudding. It has 3 colors, flavors, textures.

A pale yellow mousse, with mango flesh and coconut milk.

Bright yellow chunks of mango.

A white coconut cream and rum base.

Maybe you think it’s “l’agar du jour”. Wrong ! It’s gelatine based. Sometimes I run out of agar. Also it’s different. Meltier.

Bounty pudding

A dessert for desert islands. Coconut, cocoa, banana, rum….
Isn’t that dreamy ?

Not pretty. Leftover of crepe batter + cocoa, on banana and grated dry coconut. Baked. Then wet with rum. Then, after the alcohol is absorbed, covered with more cocoa.

Served chilled, with more coconut.