Cow cake, was “steamed zebra cake”, from Indonesian in Turkey’s blog

I had decide to make the recipe of the steamed zebra cake on the blog of the
Indonesian in Turkey. Thanks for giving it !

Well, I’ve been a little fast, so the zebra became a cow :

That happens ! It’s cake darwinism. Evolution. LOL
The truth is I didn’t do it so well. And you’ve seen nicer photos too. There are days like that. Neverthless, that was not a failure.
I approximated the proportions to make it small, less sweet, and I have not yet replaced my joking baking powder (I have holes bigger and bigger). My dough had too much flour, it seems. It should have been more liquid. Another change is I flavored with bitter almond (as I was out of vanilla essence).
Anyway that was yummy and very simple to prepare. But follow the original recipe to get a perfect zebra.

I used a mini chiffon cake tin. I steamed it in the rice-cooker as the tin was too high for my favorite steaming baskets. And that’s convenient : a reversed saucer and a little water in the bottom, place the cake on that, switch on…
I was surprised by the texture, heavier like a pound cake (I expected a fluffier “chiffon”). That’s nice too.

(1 mini chiffon size)
Cal464.5 F11.3g C70.0g P21.5g
Hey that’s healthy !