Sesame for Kurisumasu

I went to a large group cooking class to eat… to make a Kurisumasu menu. That was fun and delicious.
Kurimasu is Japanese’s Christmas, an imported celebration, adapted too. The biggest part of it is the food.

That was organized by this company in the south of Osaka, they are specialized in sesame products : Omuraya.

neri goma, it’s roasted pasted sesame.

iri goma
iri goma, roasted sesame.

Sesame seeds exist in 3 colors, white, golden and black.
There have also many variations of dressings and other using sesame. I knew the brand as I’ve bought it many time. We found it in local supermakets.
(I’m not paid to make their PR).

So what’s on the menu for Kurisumasu ? Chicken !!!
Yep, the marketing has sold chicken as the Xmas food, so there will be some, 2 types :
marmalade and sesame wings
chicken slices with wine sesame sauce
Sides were :
Sesame broccoli soup
Sesame macaroni salad, and decorative potato sarada.

You can see the model and what, we, the students made.

Spicy fruit cake with sesame additions…