Grilled cauliflower


Simple and delicious grilled veggie meal with a fresh fougasse bread.


Sliced Spring cauliflower and onion, painted with olive oil. Salt, pepper.


Roasted 15 minutes under the grill.


Sprinkle paprika on top. Serve with edamame for more proteins …


…and baby leaf salad.


The dressing is leftover of Korean pancake dipping sauce (soy sauce, black rice vinegar, chili peppers, onion…).
The bread is in another post.



Mixed grill, mixed lunch, 5 minutes to cook it. The easy fusion life.

Lunch is ready ! And it’s yummy !

The full menu. You need to start 40 minutes before, but that takes 3 minutes. Fill the rice-cooker.

Mixed grill.
Kabocha squash. I only cut chunks (any shape is OK as you can see). Chicken breast, I passed olive oil all over.
Place all that in the oven toaster. Then turn after 15 minutes. After, for me, that just tastes great. I didn’t even add salt. Roasting is a magic flavor enhancer.

Mixed veggies, greens and salad.
Take from the fridge. Kimchi, shiso leaves. A little kimchi everyday brings vitamins, probiotics, fibers and color on the table. Well, I fall in that addiction every Winter.

Mixed rice.
Take from the rice-cooker. Brown rice mixed with sorghum (kaoliang, takakibi). On top, black sesame, powdered. The taste is not very different from rice but it’s more crunchy and the round shape is funny.