Patties make a party…

That’s the compil’ or pre-chewed goodies.

The first photo is okara hamburg’ (recipe here).

pattzukis (azuki bean patties, several posts)

Sato imo mochi (yam patties, same recipe as Taiwanese “carrot cakes”, with tutorial)

falafeves (ta’amiya, Egyptian falafel)

Shan “yellow tofu” with chana dals

red lentil croquettes

hanbaagu (Japanese burger)

tarragon carrot hanbaagu

Swiss roesti (no egg, no flour)


pommes dauphines

chicken spicy keftas

boulettes de foie (savory herb liver meat balls)

Swiss brunch

Quick and easy, very tasty.

With muesli of course..

Savory : simple roesti and egg.

Sweet : muesli.
To go quicker, I passed the wet oat 1 minute in micro-wave. Beside apple, I added frozen raspberries that thawed while I ate the rest. On top, almonds, cocoa mass, cinnamon, and yogurt.