Herbed roasted season veggies with oyaimo (taro)

That’s true that it’s delicious, a good platter of oven roast vegetables, caramelised and crunchy.

A big satoimo (taro), it’s the parent type oyaimo. They taste better than the small ones.

The potato needs to be pre-boiled otherwise it dries too much. Meanwhile, I roasted the onions. I’ve added the potato and at the end some shishito pepper. Each vegetable was coated in olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.


These imo is very starchy.

Plated with parsley.

Tropical cream beet soup

A healthy reinvention of the Mitteleuropa pink delight. It’s full of Asian Summer veggies and the sour cream is replaced by coconut and lemon.

Shopping surprise : those 2 Nagano grown beets for 100 yen. It’s extremely cheap for Japan as I usually say tiny beets for 500 yen a piece. And is it not a Winter plant ? Well, I’m not a gardener. I only know beets from feeding the pigs. I guess the season is long and they can be store months, which is why I had the image of a cold weather food.

But there is no reason to shun them, even in extreme heat. Raw and chilled, they are very refreshing.

Garnish : cucumber, Kintoki red beans, nagaimo yam, enoki mushrooms.
The beans are cooked of course. The rest is raw.

Soup : beet root, creamy coconut milk, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, ice cubes.
Just throw into the blender.

One more spoon of coconut cream (solidified in the fridge).
Mmmm… it’s deliciously sweet, nearly a dessert. And it’s fun to discover the crunchy bits.


The word râpé means grated. Grated, because they cook quicker. If you want a meal ready in a few minutes : grate !

A purple sweet potato, and red Kintoki carrot. Two veggies that are just excellent without any seasoning.

Râpées. Then the carrot is ready in 2 minutes, the potato 5 minutes, in the steam mode of the micro-wave. Then I shaped them in a small mold and reheated with :

Chicken liver pan-fried with onions.

That was great.

Chaudrée de saumon (salmon and root chowder)

A meal soup with healthy salmon. It’s the season for Hokkaido salmon now.

Lots of bones and skin in the fish. I got the parts left after they cut the squares for sashimi and sushi. It’s very cheap and ideal for this recipe. Boiled that with carrot and satoimo (taro).
For flavor : 1/2 ts of anise seeds.

I don’t want to eat over-boiled fish, so after it changed of color, I scraped the flesh and put back only bones and skin into the soup. I got all that flesh.
Then I’ve let the soup simmer.

The veggies became very tender.

The satoimo became very tender, and gray blue in shade.

After clearing the soup from fish bones, I reheated everything, with some napa cabbage.

The milky color of the soup comes from oats. I milled 2 tbs and added to the soup.
Final tuning : salt, pepper, 1 tbs of Ricard anise liquor. And on the plates a few more anise seeds.
Then mmm… mmm… mmm…