Rôti, farci, roulé. (Summer pork roast)


Dégusté : eaten with pleasure.
Rôti de porc farci , stuffed pork roast.


Farci : a pork filet mignon (soft sirloin) stuffed with cheese, herbs and dry tomatoes.


Emballé : wrapped in smoked bacon.


Rôti : roasted.


Coupé : cut.


Servi : Served with a tarte polenta.


Thailand street banana roti, with coconut

The Thai decadent dessert… I tried to make one. And I’m happy with the result. Yuuuuummyy !

Ingredients in Thailand :
Flour (all purpose) and water for the dough,
Thai banana,
Peanut oil,
Thai peanut butter,
Condensed milk.

Gourmande kitchen’s version :
Flour (all purpose) and water for the dough,
T(h)aiwan banana,
White sesame oil,
Neri goma (pasted sesame),
Unsweetened coconut milk
Dry coconut shreds (fried a few with the roti)

Prepare the dough in advance, let it sit, kneed, oil the balls, let them sit. Then do like on the video :

2 small roti (yep, that makes you a meal…)

Cal 584.1 F36.2g C64.0g P7.7g

Thai pumpkin custard