My chicken casse-croûte

In French, we call sandwiches casse-croûte (break the crust), but the truth is most sandwiches sold over the world, or even those made from bought bread rolls don’t deserve the name. There is nothing crusty. It’s soft to ultra-soft, and not really satisfying as after eating one… you just one more.
That’s not the case today as I made the bread.

It’s so hot that bread dough makes bubbles… I’d have got a ciabbata if I had let it in a cooler place. Next time.

That’s bread. After all.

A bit dense, but tasty and really crunchy.

Grainy mustard. Grilled chicken.

Bell pepper. Ruccola.
And I got a solid casse-dale !

Kabocha, grilled with the chicken.

Very filling and tasty.

Arlequin sandwitch (with black magic)

Or haunted Pisa tower sand ? Well, it colorful like a Harlequin in black mask :

arlequin wiki C’est une tuerie… That’s how I made it :

A little slower ?

First slice in 3 a bun of “black rice bread”.

The first and second floors share the same carpet of tomato paste.

1F : olives, dry herbs, corn, green chili. Then lotus roots that will bring a super crunchy feel. Then a few drops of olive oil and a little parmesan cheese.

2F : Bell peppers, stalks of Italian parsley, then pizza cheese.

Then pass the 3 layers in the oven toaster.

Mmmmm…. NO WAIT !
Add fresh parsley and ruccola :

Pile up and serve with more veggies.

Eat the veggies too.

Striked by the lightning eggy spagh’

Some photos need a little editing, but this one is totally unmodified. That’s super-quick to prepare.
Carbonara spaghetti with full eggs.

I stir-fried the whites first and added the yolks at the end.

Serve with ruccola.

Lots of black pepper.

a fishy variation ? click here

Spring time banh pho stir-fry

Hi ! I was not gone anywhere, busy watching cherry blossoms and slowed down by browser problems. Banh pho rice noodles greet Spring for a quick and easy meal.

The noodles are stir-fried with garlic, onion, ginger, whites of leek, mini-carrots, green sweet peppers. It’s spiced up by red curry paste. A little grated coconut on top.

The noodles were nicely crispy. Yummy !

A simple egg with pepper.

Red paprika, celery stalk and a mix of crazy salad with lots of ruccola in it.

Ready in a few minutes, and really a nice meal.

Red hot and green okras

That’s an easy dinner, for a hot night. Not much cooking involved. Black rice and hatomugi (the body cooling cereal) was frozen (I made a lot before), just reheated.

Salad is shredded rucola, shredded basil, green hot chili, avocado, tataki beef (Japanese style roastbeef), chili flakes. Seasoning is simply Chinese black vinegar.

It’s a stir fry : olive oil, garlic, onion, okras, lots of tomato “concassee” (without peel or seeds). Then the hotness comes from Thai paste for Tom Yam soups (lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime, fish sauce, chili peppers, oil).

(1.5 serving of “rice”)
Cal 695.5 F24.0g C97.9g P26.3g