Little buckwheat blinis

Warm, golden, firm, fluffy…and small. That’s the perfect blinis.

It’s ideal for small smoked salmon bites.

A yeasted dough with 30% of buckwheat flour, after an hour in a warm place, I added an egg (white beaten), cream.

Other version :

simple buttery blinis

As I don’t have mini-pans, I simply re-cut them.

With salmon, aneth, onions.

No wasting !

At coffee time, with the cut parts can be reheated, served with rose petal cream cheese, mikan mandarin marmelade and better to melt on top :

Buttery old fashioned blinis

They have the shade of this long pre-Autumn… and the promise of Christmas.

Foamy, light and buttery… the perfect friend of caviar or smoked salmon. Well no caviar in sight today.

It’s getting cool… so the dough (1/3 buckwheat, 2/3 wheat) is let to rise on a pan of hot water.

You can rabbit them out…

Or enjoy them as a snack, with blueberries. The salty and sweet contrast is great.

Hiding the little eggs in the herbs…

The eggs are somewhere in this nest of …

…coulibiac. It’s round because I need a dish to shape it.

Here !

Home-made pie sheet, brown rice, slightly stir-fried spinach and onion, boiled quail eggs, poached salmon, salt, pepper…close, return, paint with egg yolk, bake.

Served with 3 greens (lettuce, cucumber, okra) and lemon.

Crispy, butter pie, with melty salmon… Delicious ! I love Easter food.