Rye bread apple waffles

What’s better than a little waffle with your coffee ? This one is not exactly a Belgian waffle, but it’s yeast raised too. And it has apple in it.

That’s a combination of 2 leftovers :

Apples macerated in rum (from pastis).
And rye bread dough (from pain de campagne).

Let them rise.

Melt butter.

Sprinkle kurozato black sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon.


It’s bread inside. Crunchy around.

With bits of apple.

Aubergine et tartine

Minimalist baked aubergine salad.

Baking the slices of aubergine under the grill transforms their taste. Then I made cubes. Well, not cubes. Little bits.
With very simple dressing : sesame oil and sudachi lemon juice. A little chili powder.

With the easiest open-sand : sunflower rye bread + tofu + shiso.
C’est tout. That’s all.
That was good !

Ama-ebi bis : Nordic style

Second day, the sweet shrimps make their come-back on a bed of bread…

I ate only half Japanese style (see here)

On German whole grain rye bread, a little cream cheese. Then a mix of shrimps, raw fava beans, celery and sudachi lemon peel + the juice of sudachi lemon (marinated 15 minutes). Spread the mix on the sands.

Cal 304 F11.8g C32.7g P20.5g

Cool soup hummous

Made with tasty small organic chick peas, it doesn’t need much seasoning.
The peas are soaked and simmered. As they were small, I didn’t add any soda, and the peels became very soft in spite of that.

Peas are reduced to a fine cream in the blender with juice of sudachi lemons, a few drops of fragrant sesame oil, a pinch of natural sea salt.
When it’s cooled, add a few peas. It’s already great.

A drizzle of good olive oil, cumin seeds, Italian parsley… and that slips into your mouth.

Today’s home-baked bread, fresh season veggies.

The little red stuff is harissa.
All that was really pleasant to eat in that hot humid day, and I felt really light and energetic after lunch… unlike most of the crowd in the subway, completely zombified by the weather.

Cal 531.5 F15.1g C84.8g P19.3g

P.S. : If want to read more about hummous, it has its blog

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