Fresh green open sandwich


A fresh plant-based tea sandwich. I’m liking more and more vegetable sandwiches. Like these :

DSC05174-001 carrot sands


It’s a cuke sand’ today… Kyuri, Japanese cucumbers have a thin skin, and thin seeds. Everything is edible.


A thin slice of shokupan (Japanese bread) with the crust cut out. Coconut cream and grainy mustard spread on it. A handful of cress. Sliced cucumbers.


Black pepper and Sichuan pepper freshly ground on top.


Serve very fresh.


Too simple. Spicy carrot tea sandwiches.


A yummy snack, so easy. Er… there is a way to fail.


Mix sake kasu (sake lees), miso, a little water, cook in microwave. Let cool.
Shred carrots, mix them with a little salt and good garam masala Indian spice mix.
Slice bread. Spread half of the sauce on it, add the rest to carrots.


Garnish the bread with carrot.


On a board, cut perfect bars of sandwich.




Yes, they are “dirty” too. Bah, they were still delicious. I’ll do them differently next time, surely I’ll cut the bread first.


Tartine de printemps (country bread fresh sands)


Bake a nice bread loaf, and enjoy a a simple but delicious fresh lunch…


Still too hot to be cut ! Pain de campagne au seigle. A French country bread with rye flour.


The fromage frais (fresh cheese) is home-made. The new onions have been salted, let a while and rinsed, so they are still crunchy but have lost all harsh after-taste. The favas (broad beans) make the Spring.


Simple 10 minute falafels

I was in a falafel mood…

… and I had the appetite to devour several falafel sands.

1 minute :soak chick peas over-night,
3 minutes :mash them with some water, add flavoring, make balls,
6 minutes : pan-fry.
I flavored with nutmeg, salt, pepper, negi leeks.

I soak lots of chickpeas when I buy a back. I boil half and I freeze several bags of either cooked CPs and raw-soaked CPs ready to be used for falafels.

A batch of hot falafels…

Graham flour flat breads.

Ribboned zucchini.

Sprinkled with ground coriander seeds.

Bread in cocotte with pastel duet of bean spreads

Look at my funny tartine ! That’s because I’ve baked fresh bread.

And I needed something to spread on it : Hot azuki mash and crème de fèves.
The purple one is HOT, really and a bit chunky. The green one is pure velvet in the mouth.

I had graham flour dough left after the pizza. I’ve kept it in the fridge overnight and after adding rosemary and olive oil, I baked it in the oven, inside the cast iron cocotte. Details here.

A Southern pain de campagne with crunchy crust.

3 pots toppings :
-blanched favas (broad beans), mixed with olive oil, salt, a little dried garlic, a little water.
-mashed boiled azuki beans, salt, pepper, bits of Korean chili and greens of negi leeks.
-finely sliced zucchini

Funny little meal.