Sara udon lunch


Sara udon with 3 greens.


空芯菜 kushinsai, water morning glory. It’s a South East Asia classic green. With the tropical weather we have now, they can grow it easily.


Green pea sprouts.


Kujo is the 9th Avenue, in Kyoto. They don’t grow them in the street now, but maybe 200 years ago. It’s one of the many Kyoto area original vegetables.


I’ve stir-fried ginger, onion, garlic, kujo negi whites and kabocha pumpkin. Then added ankake sauce. I’ve added the 2 greens at the end. That’s my sauce to pour on :


Sara udon.


First side : cabbage and cherry tomato salad, with sesame oil dressing.


Second side : silky tofu, to eat with soy sauce and minced greens of kujo negi.


Speedy fusion : sara-udon ratatouille

Ready in 4 minutes. Japanese noodles, French veggies, Italian cheese… Pure happiness !

Fried noodles, dry and crispy like crackers. I buy them.

Ratatouille (frozen, made previously in big batch). Grated parmesan cheese.

In a crispy nest

The egg in a nest of crispy fried vermicelli…

… break to make the sauce. A funny Summer lunch. That doesn’t requires much effort on another too hot to be honest day.

I buy them. They are called sara udon. It’s nearly junk food. Well slightly. Once in while that’s ok. Hey, I had veggies too on that.

See them served more classically :
broad sara udon, with seafood
thin sara udon, with veggies

Red cabbage.

Obanazawa no dashi
and kaiware (daikon radish sprouts).

The egg, soft cooked, refreshed.

Et voila le tableau !

Sauce on crispy noodles : sara-udon / age-soba

It’s Chinese ramian noodles that have been dried and fried. They are crispy like crackers. They are served with ankake, a thick sauce that contains veggies, seafood and/or meat.
That dish is called sara udon (plate + udon noodle) in Nagasaki and age soba (fried + soba) in Kyoto ? I’m not quite sure, but the 2 names exist for the same dish that is proposed in most izakaya (drinking restaurants).

I buy the fried noodles :

But I prepared the ankake from scratch with veggies (garlic, onion, cabbage, nankin pumpkin, bell pepper, white aubergine, cherry tomatoes, corn starch, oyster sauce and Sichuan pepper).
Pour the ankake on the noodles at the last minutes and eat imediatly before the noddles get wet and lose their crispiness.

And I served cod fish, with chili pepper and Sichuan pepper on the side.

(double serving of noodles)
Cal 696.5 F24.1g P80.7g C40.2g