Ideas for a Sweet Xmas – Gâteaux de Noël

(Osaka cake)

You probably think I’m big fan of Christmas. Actually, I couldn’t care less, it’s only the bottom of the year, the time with the shortest days. What I really like is there are so many Christmas food, particularly sweets, from so many places.
It’s fun to try to make them.


Kurisumasu keeki 2012

charlotte kurisumasu keeki

rose cranberry panettone

Easy Yule logs :

bûche forêt noire

bûche aux marrons glacés

The tradition of Provence with the 13 desserts :

13 retro desserts

honey walnut iced nougat

These cakes are not only for this occasion, but many like to invite them :

snow flake cake

Marquises au chocolat

Gâteau Mont-Blanc antillais (coconut layered cake)

With the coffee, you need many mignardises :

Schwowebredele (the traditional Xmas cookie of Alsace, make them in many shapes and flavor)

black sugar nonnettes (yeast)
Mandarin orange nonnettes (baking powder)

Biscotti de Noël

Truffes au chocolat


Pâtes de fruit

Pralines au chocolat

Hot wine revisited :

jelly spiced wine pears

lait de poule (French eggnog)

This is what we have in Japan :

kurisumasu ke-ki (how to bake a Japanese Xmas cake)

Ichigo daifuku mochi (Winter wagashi)

kuri kinton (marron sweet)

Over the world :

Bibingka (Philippines)

Povitica (Slovenia)

home-made mandarin Stollen (Germany)

Chionoules or snowballs (Greece)


I have not made these two, I’ve just received them. The white is of course a German Stollen.

Berawecka (Alsacian “pear bread”, fruit cake). I’m very serious. It’s very healthy. It’s mostly made of fruit like those “health fruit bars” I see on many health blogs.

I had to check the quality. You want to know ? Of course, that’s totally decadent and not healthy at all. Mmmmm… Well, I’ll try to keep some for Christmas.

The stars of the schwowe (-bredele)

When Schowebredele Christmas season cookies start falling from the trees…

All Alsatian chrissy sweets are bredele, bredela, bredeli, bredelo, bredelu…well maybe not bredelu. This type of nutty sablés are schwowebredele.

On peut en faire de tres differents sur la meme base en changeant les noix et
Pour le glacage, qui est facultatif : sucre glace + jus de citron +
colorant, sucre glace + alcool + colorant, ou chocolat + beurre

Biscuits de Noël
(Schwowe-bredele )

300 g farine
100 g poudre d’amandes (ou de noix, de noisettes, de noix de cajou…)
5 g levure chimique
100 g sucre en poudre
1 oeuf oeuf
100 g beurre (mou)

Parfums (3 exemples) :
1 : cacao en poudre et cannelle
2 : zeste de citron et vanille
3 : eau de fleur d’oranger et extrait d’amandes

Mélanger la farine, la poudre, la levure, le sucre. Ajouter l’oeuf et
le beurre. Ajouter les parfums choisis. Former une pâte avec les
mains. Couvrir.
Mettre une heure au frigo.
Etaler sur 2 millimètres. Découper des formes.
Cuire au four 10 minutes à 180 degrés

Etoiles. Vanilla and lemon.

Sapins. Orange blossom and almond.

Baking is a sure way to travel in times and places… That puts me at the age of 8, in the North-East of France, helping the grandmas. Every year, they tried the impossible challenge of filling all their huge cookie tins a while before Christmas. Due to some hidden holes in the bottom of the boxes, they never stayed full and some new batches had to be baked in the last busy days…