Veggies for katsuo tataki (seared bonito)


Katsuo tataki. Bonito “tataki”.

I could just say I’m proud of my nice dish. But that’s cheating as I bought the tataki (seared fish) already cooked and I only had to cut and mix with its ponzu sauce. But I prepared the vegetables.
Under there is a layer of onion slices. I cut them, salted and rinsed after 10 minutes.


Sprouts of okra (gombos). I simply washed them.



Then new ginger’s refreshing power. Cut in cubes.


A few chili flakes on top. That’s ready :


With fava bean pancakes

Another simple lunch that is not so usual. It is centered on those falafelish patties. I should call them ta’amiya as they are made of fresh broad beans. It’s green, full of proteins and delicious :

They are delight dipped in Chinese vinegar, like gyoza dumplings.

I pasted in the blender those raw favas. Flavored with negi leeks, mint, garlic, ground sesame, salt, pepper.

I cooked them well in olive oil and made the sides a bit crispy.

Black vinegar to dip.

The sides are very simple. Sorghum, cooked in the rice cooker, seasoned with salt and aonori seaweed.

Lotus root, goya bitter squash and red cabbage.

Black pepper seared veggies. I nearly scorched them and stopped one second before, on purpose.

They were very crispy and flavored with a smoky taste.

Dill lime salad

A simple weekday meal, with dill for the flavor, lime for freshness and a little sea salt. I really love this flavor.

Raw and green.

Seared and golden. In a pan without oil, just a few minutes.


Frozen, it is defrosting directly in the plate.

Drizzle over the juice of lime, sprinkle salt and you have a healthy gourmet salad, with lots of proteins.

Cal 283 F15.9g C19.9g P24.9g

Osechi Compilation : Opening the boxes

Osechi Ryori is Japanese good luck food for the NewYear

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For more Japanese New Year traditions click here.

Photo menu :

the lacquer box
the Osechi menu 2011
kuri kinton
kuro mame

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omedetai (lucky grilled fish)

Menu Osechi (part 4) : Magrets de canard, sauce aux airelles

Duck breast, airelles (cranberry) sauce and (Japanese) turnip puree.

Sauce aux airelles. The red airelles are berries quite similar to cranberries that can found in the woods of Northern Europe. Anyway, all I get here is :

Dried cranberries.

I soaked them 24 hours in red wine. Made a roux, an onion compote, added wine and pasted cranberries. Then after hours, mixed the sauce, added a few spices and reheated with soaked cranberries and their wine.

These small turnips need only a few minutes in boiling water. Mashed them, added cream.

I cook the duck very little on a very hot pan. It’s red inside. A magret is a part of breast that comes with a layer of fat skin. Ideally, cook it whole, starting on the fat side, then slice. Well, they sell it sliced, so as you see…

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